Working with Themes Curriculum

This curriculum consists of the following lessons and tutorials.
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All lessons on this page are a part of the Undergrad tier, which is included with any subscription. Undergrad tutorials are designated by this icon.

Choosing a Theme

46 minutes

Title Length
Common Questions 4:51
Researching Themes 11:11
Important Theme Features 14:18
Advanced Theme Features 10:51
Closing Thoughts 5:26

Responsive Themes

21 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 10:00
Content Layout with Stacks 6:27
Responsive Theme Examples 4:51

Foundation Theme

250 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 9:33
Features and Stacks 18:33
The Grid 15:16
The “Mobile First Design” Concept 10:21
Site Styles - Part 1 17:57
Site Styles - Part 2 13:32
Navigation: Overview 7:47
Navigation: Top Bar Stack 19:57
Navigation: Split Nav and Scope 6:24
Navigation: Advanced Nav Styling 11:01
Basics of Content Layout 16:15
Column Alignment Options 5:40
Show/Hide Content on Different Devices 7:41
Dynamic Layout Stacks - Part 1 15:08
Dynamic Layout Stacks - Part 2 14:44
Creating Forms 18:31
Creating and Using Buttons 10:39
Adding Video 5:40
Blogging 4:24
Creating Various Layouts 11:53


34 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 3:37
ExtraContent Snippets 15:35
The ExtraContent Stack 9:01
Importing with PlusKit 6:12


27 minutes

Title Length
RWmultitool Lite 9:55
RWmultitool (Full Version) 16:20


17 minutes

Title Length
Theme Banners and Slideshows 17:31

FreeStack Responsive Theme

94 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 4:42
Theme Styles 10:20
FreeStack R Stacks - Part 1 12:33
FreeStack R Stacks - Part 2 26:24
Building Menus 14:01
Creating a Website Layout 20:11
Blogging 4:41

FreeStack Theme

120 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 9:56
Theme Styles 12:57
FreeStack Stacks - Part 1 18:48
FreeStack Stacks - Part 2 13:49
Building Menus 8:36
Using Custom Images 6:35
Creating a Website - Part 1 22:07
Creating a Website - Part 2 11:33
Blogging 4:48
Contact Forms 3:22
E-Commerce 3:15
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