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The RapidWeaver Classroom Template Project

This product gives you a head-start with RapidWeaver by providing you with templates of different plugins (page types) covered at RapidWeaver Classroom!
  • see content and settings for each page plugin
  • interact with content to better understand formatting
  • learn how advanced settings expand your options
  • get examples of correct file and folder structure
  • demo the functionality of each plugin
  • yours permanently for unlimited reference!
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The Template Project is a download that includes files which are compatible with both RapidWeaver 5 & 6. It is a resource that serves as a complement to the lessons here at RapidWeaver Classroom.

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This is a completely unique product not offered anywhere else and is an extremely helpful reference for RapidWeaver users.
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RapidWeaver Classroom is a life saver!
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