About Ryan - RapidWeaver Classroom's Creator and Instructor

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Ryan Smith and I have been working with RapidWeaver since late 2005. After 2 years with RapidWeaver, I began offering one-on-one training with RapidWeaver users, and then in the Spring of 2008 I began RapidWeaver Classroom as a means of reaching more RapidWeaver users.

I am fully committed to RapidWeaver as my exclusive web design tool, and I truly believe it offers the best combination of quality, affordability, usability, flexibility, support and commitment from developers and its incredible community of users. I have created over 30 individual websites -- all using RapidWeaver, and it is undoubtedly a professional website-creation application.

Why RapidWeaver?

I believe strongly in RapidWeaver because it is an application that is accessible to people of all ages and levels of technical experience. I started with RapidWeaver as a very novice website developer, and not only did RapidWeaver make it easy for me to accomplish my goals, but it actually made me want to learn more about the world of website design.

The value RapidWeaver provides is unparalleled. Take a small business owner, for example, who could easily spend $3000 on a basic, outsourced website. After the website is completed and published online, the business owner continues to update the content at a rate of $100+ per hour. This was the exact dilemma I personally faced when I began looking to start my own small business. As a small business owner, RapidWeaver provides you with the ability to create and maintain your own website. The cost is very minimal in comparison to the example above, and there is great satisfaction in creating a website yourself.

I could go on forever...

really, I probably could! I am very passionate about RapidWeaver and what it can do for people who need a website, or for those who want to offer website design as a service to others. My goal for RapidWeaver Classroom is to fully equip RapidWeaver users with the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals and use RapidWeaver to its fullest potential. I hope you become as passionate about RapidWeaver as I am, and that the training provided here will help you accomplish things you never imagined possible!

More than a "Rapid Weaver"

There is life outside of the RapidWeaver world! When I'm not glued to my Mac, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a husband and a father to 3 young children. I love sports, movies and music; pizza, Frosted Flakes cereal and Dr. Pepper. People think it's weird that I don't like chocolate, and I think everyone else is weird for loving it as much as they do! :)
About RapidWeaver Classroom
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My name is Ryan Smith and I have been a RapidWeaver user since 2005. I launched this website in 2008 and have dedicated myself to providing the best RapidWeaver training available anywhere. Read more...
1-on-1 Consulting Services
Whether you've run into some hurdles with your website project, you can't find the time to work on it, or you simply want an outside perspective, I'd be glad help. I offer a variety of 1-on-1 services. Learn more about my RapidWeaver Consulting services.
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RapidWeaver Classroom is a life saver!
John Dentico
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It should go without saying, but this website was built using RapidWeaver and many of its amazing add-ons. Join today if you'd like to learn how to build websites like this!