Lesson on Web Hosting Added to Curriculum

I have added a new lesson to the RapidWeaver section of the curriculum. Lesson 9 covers topics related to web hosting, and includes 3 tutorials to start, with more to come.

We all know that web hosting is required to put our website online, but web hosts provide a lot of features and functionality, and much of it can be confusing. Lesson 9 will cover a variety of topics that are common to web hosting providers. The basics of setting up a hosting account are covered, and an overview of the cPanel software -- the most popular control panel solution -- is covered as well. There’s even a RapidWeaver plugin from JavaBean Hosting that is discussed in one tutorial.

The next addition to Lesson 9 will be a tutorial on domains. There are a lot of questions about domains -- how to move them, redirect them, change name servers, add multiple domains to an account, etc. This tutorial will aim to clear-up a lot of questions about this subject. Check back soon for more information on that tutorial, and others!

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New Series of Tutorials on Responsive Themes

I am very excited to release a new 3-part series covering responsive RapidWeaver themes. Responsive themes are a new trend in website design, brought about by the increased use of mobile/handheld devices for browsing the web. Responsive themes will help you build a website that functions well on any device or screen size, so it’s essentially like having a desktop and mobile website in one!

There are some limitations to how you build a website with a responsive theme, so that information is addressed in these tutorials. It’s very important to understand the limitations in advance, so that you can make an informed decision about the use of a responsive theme for your project.

A number of 3rd-party theme developers have begun producing responsive themes for RapidWeaver, so I have listed those developers on the tutorials page as well. A majority of those developers also offer discounts to RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers!

These new tutorials can be found under the RapidWeaver section, under “Bonus Material: A Focus on Themes” -- you can also view the full curriculum listing here.

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