Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So many amazing things have happened in the RapidWeaver community in 2009, and in 2010 I promise to continue sharing the latest information that you need to continue with your projects. There are some great things in the works that will make RapidWeaver Classroom even better, and in addition to those there will of course be new video tutorials published regularly. As a preview, you can be sure that many more Joe Workman Stacks will be covered, and CartLoom from yabdab will be coming out of beta soon, so there will be a lot to share on that incredible e-commerce solution. RapidWeaver Classroom will celebrate its 2nd birthday in 2010, and with a lot of changes and updates coming it promises to be the biggest year so far.

I hope all of you are able to take some time off during the holidays to be with family and celebrate Christmas and the new year. I appreciate all of you so much and wish you all the best as this year comes to a close. I will be away myself until January 4th, 2010 -- and then you can expect a whole slew of updates to appear soon thereafter. Thanks again, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

New Tutorials on Joe Workman Stacks

I am happy to announce the release of 3 new tutorials on Joe Workman Stacks. Joe Workman has been developing for the Stacks plugin for some time now, and a couple of months ago I produced a tutorial on 13 Video Stacks that were developed by Joe. Today’s release adds 3 more stacks to the curriculum, and I have separated Joe’s stacks into their own section, whereas before all custom stacks tutorials were located under the Stacks plugin listing.

The following tutorials are now available:

Lightbox Stack - Easily add a Lightbox effect that displays any type of content.

Translate Stack
- Allows visitors to read your website in any language.

Curtain Call Stack
- Provide your visitors with a unique presentation of content -- especially great for video or special promotions.

Of course you can expect to see coverage of many more Joe Workman Stacks in the future!

New Tutorial on the FlowBox Stack

A new video tutorial covering the FlowBox Stack has been released to subscribers of RapidWeaver Classroom. This is an outstanding stack that provides a lightbox-type overlay for displaying video, images, and even other webpages. It is quite flexible and so the 18-minute video goes into detail of all the different ways content can be presented inside the FlowBox.

This is the first screencast on a SymfoniP stack, and you can bet that there will be more to come!