5th Tutorial Added to the CDD Series

A 5th tutorial has been added to the Complete Design Demonstration series. This video demonstrates the creation of some features of the members' page. Specifically:
  • Adding 5 columns of images and text to an ExtraContent area
  • creating anchors
  • linking text to video that displays in a Lightbox
This tutorial demonstrates the use of snippets for ExtraContent and the Lightbox stacks from Joe Workman. It is a lengthy 18-minute video with a lot of information packed-in! Look for more tutorials in this series to appear next week.

Discussion Forum Now Available for Students

I am excited to announce a new discussion forum as an additional resource for RapidWeaver Classroom students! The forum is a place to provide website announcements and receive feedback and requests, as well as a place for students to connect with each other to talk about tutorials and RapidWeaver stuff in general. The forum is not intended to be a replacement for the Realmac Software Support Forum, as that forum is a wealth of knowledge and support that cannot be replaced.

All existing RapidWeaver Classroom students have immediate access to the forum, which can be accessed through the members’ area. You will not need to register a separate account through the forum itself, as your current account details are linked and so you should already be logged-in when you access the forum. New RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers will automatically be added to the forum membership as well.

On a side note, watch for new additions to the Complete Design Demonstration series tomorrow! Laugh

A New Series on Designing a Complete Website

I am very excited to begin offering a new series that incorporates much of what is taught here at RapidWeaver Classroom. The Complete Design Demonstration series takes you through the process of designing a website from start to finish, using many of the different 3rd-party plugins and theme features such as ExtraContent. In this first C.D.D. series, you will see how many of the pages here at RapidWeaver Classroom were developed, using 3rd-party plugins such as Stacks, PlusKit, Carousel, Accordion, and EasyTube Gallery.

This series is best viewed after you have made your way through all of the RapidWeaver and 3rd-party plugin tutorials, so that you are familiar with the interface of the different plugins. The purpose of this series is to demonstrate the usage of plugins and other features in a real-world scenario, and to break-down designs that are seemingly complex into something much more simple.

I have published the first 4 videos (45 minutes) of this series to start, and more screencasts will be added in the coming weeks as I demonstrate how to build a majority of the pages found here at RapidWeaver Classroom. You may also notice that I titled the series with a number 1, as my intention is to create multiple series over time that demonstrate the usage of different plugins and strategies.

I hope you enjoy this new series and find it helpful as you explore how different plugins can be used in your own projects. There will be more to come soon!

2 New Joe Workman Stacks Screencasts

2 new tutorials on Joe Workman Stacks have been released today. Tutorials on the MovingBox Stack and Link & Anchor Stacks are now available. Joe has been generous enough to offer the Link & Anchor Stacks for free, so visit his website to download the stacks and view his other incredible offerings.

Blog Commenting with Haloscan is Ending

An announcement was made this week that the Haloscan service is shutting down for good on February 19th. Haloscan is the commenting system that RapidWeaver’s blog page has used for the past several years. The newest version of RapidWeaver integrates commenting with JS-KIT, but long-time users of RW who have comment-enabled blogs will likely be using Haloscan accounts, and so this announcement affects those users, myself included. Below is the email that all Haloscan account owners should have received this week:

Haloscan is being shut down on: Feb 19, 2010
The Haloscan hardware and software is physically failing and we have no choice but to discontinue the service.

Two Options: Switch to Echo or Export your comments FREE.
Although we can't rescue Haloscan, we are trying our best to limit the negative impact on users. To do this, we have worked hard to provide 2 options for Haloscan sites.

View the Haloscan Upgrade FAQ

Realmac Software has made a statement that it is looking into integrating a different commenting system in a future release of RapidWeaver. No definitive timeline has been set for this update. You can view the official response here.

For those with Haloscan commenting who wish to keep their comments, an upgrade to JS-KIT is likely your best option. For others who are fine with losing their comments and do not wish to pay a fee for JS-KIT commenting, and do not want to wait for an update to RapidWeaver, an alternative worth considering would be the RapidBlog plugin from Loghound, which provides others options for blog comments. RapidWeaver Classroom does provide video tutorials covering the RapidBlog plugin.