SEO Tutorials Updated with Google Authorship

RapidWeaver SEO Google Authorship Video Tutorial
Google Authorship has the potential to significantly impact the effectiveness of your website's listings in Google search results. This new Google Authorship tutorial will show you what Google Authorship can do for your website, and walks you through how to set up Authorship on your website. The tutorial is found in the Strategies > SEO section of the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum.

I highly recommend that everyone implement this as shown in this new video tutorial. The click-through rate (CTR) -- the number of clicks your website receives in Google search results -- is likely to increase if you correctly set up Authorship, by creating a Google+ profile and linking it to the content of your website. When this is done correctly, Google will (in most cases) place your Google+ profile picture alongside your website's listing in search results. This provides instant credibility to your website and makes people more willing to click on your link, opposed to others that do not have a photo listed.

Note that Google Authorship doesn't automatically improve your website's placement in search results. It's still important that you follow the other SEO guidelines in order to improve your website's rankings, and your success with SEO will always depend on a number of factors, many of which are out of your control. Even so, implementing Authorship is certainly worth the effort and I highly recommend doing so.

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Very Important Information for Stacks Users

Stacks 2 Video Tutorials
Stacks version 2.1.8 was released this morning. It is highly recommended that all Stacks users update as soon as possible. RapidWeaver should prompt you to update the Stacks plugin when you open your project, but if it does not, you can manually download the update and install it:

Why is this an important update?

Yesterday Google updated its hosted version of jQuery, which is a javascript file that the Stacks plugin uses. This updated version of jQuery included some changes that caused problems for some Stacks add-ons. The change affects the functionality of those stacks in RapidWeaver and on the published website. One of the stacks on the RapidWeaver Classroom homepage was actually affected by the jQuery update, and it stopped functioning correctly as soon as Google made the change.

What you need to do.

Stacks 2.1.8 resolves the issue by reverting back to the previous version of jQuery. You should update Stacks through RapidWeaver, or download and install the latest version from here. Once you have the latest version of Stacks installed, republish all files from RapidWeaver (File > Republish All Files). This will update all of your Stacks pages to ensure that there are no issues with the functionality of any of your stacks.

If you prefer not to republish all of your website’s pages at this time, then I would recommend you go through every page of your website that was built with Stacks, and carefully examine everything to ensure that it is all functioning as intended.

Learn more about this update.

If you are interested in knowing the behind-the-scenes details of this update, then Isaiah (YourHead) has posted a topic to the Realmac Software Forums -- you can visit that topic to get more detailed information.

I hope that this is a relatively painless update for all of you. It is a very rare situation and I don’t recall ever seeing something of this magnitude occur in the past. Rest assured that this isn’t an issue specific to RapidWeaver -- major updates to something like a jQuery library can have ramifications for website developers across many different website development platforms.

A brief note about RapidWeaver Classroom.

Things are back in full gear for me following the holidays and the addition of a new baby girl to our family. I am excited about some new tutorials that I’ll be releasing this month, starting with a new SEO topic coming this week. I will post another update with more information very soon!