RapidWeaver 6 is Here: 52 New Tutorials Now Available

RapidWeaver 6 launched today! It is a significant upgrade to RapidWeaver 5, and includes some exciting new features. I have been busy these past couple of months developing an entirely new series of training on RapidWeaver 6, and I am excited to release that training today alongside Realmac's public launch of the software.

There is a new RapidWeaver 6 section of training now available that includes 52 unique tutorials. Every detail of RapidWeaver 6 is covered. If you are still using RapidWeaver 5, then you can continue to access the RapidWeaver 5 training as well.

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Video Review of RapidWeaver 6 Features

I have put together a brief overview of the new RapidWeaver 6 features, which you can view below. If you are receiving this update by email and the video does not display, then please visit the RapidWeaver Classroom Blog.

RapidWeaver 6 Upgrade Details

If you plan to upgrade to RapidWeaver 6 from RapidWeaver 5, then you will need to upgrade your project files to open in RapidWeaver 6. Realmac Software has released an Upgrade Guide detailing steps that you should follow. To summarize, you will want to download RapidWeaver 5.4, which includes a new Export for RapidWeaver 6 feature. You will export your website projects from RapidWeaver 5.4, and then you can open them in RapidWeaver 6.

Upgrade pricing is also available for RapidWeaver 5 (or earlier) users, and you can get more details here.

RapidWeaver 6 is a very exciting update and I am happy to be able to offer an entire training library on the same day as its release! There will be more updates to follow, so check back soon!

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RapidWeaver 6 Announced: What to Expect Going Forward

Realmac Software announced this week that RapidWeaver 6 is set to be released soon. You can view the official announcement here, get details of some of the new features here, and view an FAQ here. No official release date has been publicized, as the Mac App Store team still has to approve this new version, but Realmac notes an estimate of late October / early November. RapidWeaver 6 will be a paid upgrade of $39.99 from any previous version, and those who purchased RapidWeaver 5 on or after August 28th will be receiving a free upgrade.

In case you don't have time to peruse the new feature list, here's a quick run-down of the features that are mentioned on Realmac's website.

  • Five new themes from 5 different 3rd-party developers

  • Addons Manager to organize and group addons

  • Faster FTP publishing

  • Markdown support

  • Support for OS X's Autosave and Versions

  • Site-wide code for adding custom code to all pages

  • Full-screen support

  • Responsive Preview with presets for iPhone and iPad widths

  • Master Styles

  • Example Sites

This is an exciting update and I have been very busy these past weeks creating brand new training for the upcoming version of RapidWeaver 6. My goal is to have the entire RapidWeaver section of tutorials (about 50 videos) replaced with new videos for RapidWeaver 6, and to launch that updated training when Realmac launches RapidWeaver 6. This is obviously a major undertaking, which is why you haven't seen regular tutorial updates in recent weeks, so I appreciate your patience as I develop this new training.

This will actually be the 4th time that I've produced the core RapidWeaver training since RapidWeaver Classroom began in 2008. I have produced training for RapidWeaver 3, 4, and 5, and now version 6 marks the 4th production of this core training. I have looked for ways to improve on the topics and sequence of training with each iteration, and I feel that this will be the most in-depth and complete core RapidWeaver training I've ever developed. My goal is for those with no previous web design experience to understand how to use RapidWeaver and to love working with it, but also for experienced RapidWeaver users to gain new knowledge that will take their skills to another level.

I am very excited about this upcoming release of the best website development software I've ever used, and I look forward to bringing you brand new training that covers every detail you'll need to know. I will of course let you know as soon as RapidWeaver 6 launches!

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