New Tutorial on the Valet Plugin Manager

A new video tutorial has been released to subscribers, covering the Valet Plugin Manager. This is a unique add-on that lets you enable and disable the 3rd-party plugins you have installed for RapidWeaver. This is great for troubleshooting purposes and for improving the performance and stability of RapidWeaver, and I consider it an important tool for all RapidWeaver users -- especially those who work on multiple projects.

7 New Tutorials on Stacks Add-Ons

7 new screencasts have been released that cover stacks from ElStacko and CosCulture. These screencasts have been added to a new section of the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum: Section 202: Stacks Add-Ons. This new section will be exclusive to 3rd-party stacks that are released for the Stacks plugin.

The following 7 screencasts are now available to RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers:
  • ElStacko: El Book-o Stack
  • ElStacko: El CallBox-o Stack
  • ElStacko: Exposer Pro Stack
  • ElStacko: Sidewinder Stack
  • CosCulture: DragZone Stack
  • CosCulture: Image Roundabout Stack
  • CosCulture: Notifications Stack
RapidWeaver Classroom has also partnered with ElStacko and CosCulture, who have both begun offering exclusive discounts to RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers! Current subscribers will receive more information on these discounts soon.