Classroom Updates

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. RapidWeaver Classroom students! I have been busy updating things behind-the-scenes to improve the experience for our subscribers. All of the video tutorials are now hosted on a faster server, so download times should be even faster now. In addition, the flash video player has been replaced with the QuickTime player, which provides even better performance and video clarity.

A note for users viewing the screencasts on a laptop (or low resolution monitor) -- the high-resolution of the videos might cause scrollbars to appear around the edges of the video. This mainly removes the QuickTime control bar from view, but I have a trick to remove the scrollbars. If you are viewing the screencasts in Safari, simply go to the View menu in Safari and choose Hide Toolbar. This should free-up enough vertical space to remove the scrollbars from around the video. You can go back to View and Show Toolbar when you are done viewing the tutorials.

Firefox users have it even easier -- simply click the pill-shaped button in the top right corner of your browser to temporarily remove the toolbar and create more vertical space.

IE users, why are you using IE?!?! Obviously you are a Mac user or you wouldn’t be subscribing to this website, but if you need to view the screencasts from a PC then get the PC version of Firefox!

Now that all the upgrades are done we can get back to producing screencasts, and we have a whole lot in-store, so watch for new releases starting next week!
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