Complete 13-Part Series of Stacks 3 Tutorials Available

Stacks 2 Video Tutorials
I’ve added three more tutorials to the Stacks 3 series today, completing the series with a total of 13 videos. The new tutorials cover the use of the Stacks Cloud content management system (CMS) to remotely edit content from a web browser, the use of Stacks with the ExtraContent feature found in many 3rd-party themes, and instruction on how to import a Stacks page into non-Stacks pages using the PlusKit plugin. While Stacks Cloud may not be useful for everyone, the latter two tutorials should be very helpful for most RapidWeaver and Stacks users. In the case of the final tutorial, “Importing Stacks Into Non-Stacks Pages,” you will see how powerful the PlusKit plugin can be in giving you the ability to design content layout in Stacks, and place that content into other pages such as the Blog or Contact Form pages.

I am very happy with how the Stacks 3 series of tutorials turned out. I think it is very detailed and thorough in taking you through all that this phenomenal plugin has to offer. Even if you have been a Stacks 1 and 2 user, you will likely find some information in these tutorials that is new and helpful to you as you develop your websites.

In my last update I mentioned that my next endeavor is to produce a thorough series of tutorials covering responsive design. I will begin making these tutorials available during the first week of October and I look forward to sharing this very important training with you all!

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