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New Feature: "Pro Tips" in the RapidWeaver Classroom Blog

Before getting into the details of this week's update, I wanted to point out a new feature called "Pro Tips" that will be included in this blog with each tutorial update. Continue down past this blog entry to find Pro Tip #1, or click here to view it.

Overview of New Updates

Three more tutorials have been added to the Foundation Theme series here at RapidWeaver Classroom.

Instructions for Classroom Subscribers

Login here to access your account, then navigate to the Classroom curriculum and click on the Latest Updates button for direct links to these new tutorials.

Details of New Updates

Now at a total of 19 videos, this series on the Foundation Theme is approaching completion, and there is currently enough information to get you well on your way to building websites with this excellent theme.

The first new tutorial in this update covers the various Foundation buttons stacks that are available to perform a variety of functions. In addition to typical buttons that are used as links, Foundation's buttons can also be used in a group to provide navigation, present a list of links in a drop-down menu, launch a lightbox window and provide functionality for a contact form. The various button stacks are very flexible in both style and function.

The second tutorial discusses the use of the Flex Video Stack to add video in Foundation. The Flex Video Stack is a great solution for embedding hosted videos from services such as YouTube or Vimeo. This tutorial also shows how easy it is to present a video inside of a lightbox that is launched from a button.

Finally, the third tutorial briefly discusses the blogging options that are currently available for use with Foundation. This is more of an informational video, opposed to a how-to video. RapidWeaver Classroom currently has a tutorial that covers Joe Workman's Tumblr Stack, which is one of the options mentioned in this tutorial. I do plan to cover the other options with separate tutorials in the future.

In Case You Missed It (Recent Updates)

Recent changes have been made to the Classroom membership area. You will now find a "Featured Tutorials" section on the Home page, and I've adjusted the styling of some elements throughout the tutorial sections, which I hope will improve the user experience as you navigate through the different tutorials. I have also been working to implement RapidSearch Pro in the membership area as another method of finding tutorials, but some hurdles related to the protection of the content has prevented that from being successful so far. I do hope to have this working relatively soon, but for the time being you can use your browser's Find function (CMD+F) on the Browse All page to search for tutorials.

A series of 14 new tutorials covering the Stacks 2.5 plugin were released in the first half of March. I highly recommend these new tutorials for every RapidWeaver user! Click here to learn more about these Stacks 2.5 tutorials.

The past months have brought a number of other new tutorials: one covering the customization of banners or slideshows in the header of 3rd-party RapidWeaver themes, another discussing a method of embedding responsive YouTube videos, and there have been many new Stack Elements tutorials covering the PaySnap, MapSnap, DateSnap and BackSnap Stacks from Yabdab, the Content Fader Stack from DK Stacks, the PlayListr Stack from StackManiac, and the Jack Stack from Joe Workman. A couple of "How to..." tutorials on replacing an existing website and creating a mySQL database have been added, along with a couple of tutorials covering the excellent RapidSearch Pro plugin. Finally, a new series on the aMember 4 membership system was produced and is available to Grad School subscribers.

Coming Soon (Future Updates)

The Foundation series of tutorials is nearly complete! Check back next week for the final Foundation tutorials.

Thanks for your support!


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