Update on the Members' Area Redesign

I have spent the last 6 weeks working on a complete redesign of the RapidWeaver Classroom members’ area. I briefly mentioned this in my last blog update, but I wanted to post again about it now because the work is almost complete! If all goes smoothly from here on out, the update will be published next Tuesday, October 15th -- likely in the late afternoon or evening.

This update will bring a responsive design to the members’ area, for maximum compatibility with all mobile devices. Another significant change is that all of the add-ons tutorials (themes, plugins, stacks) will be organized by function, so it will be much easier to find training for the kinds of add-ons you need for your project. Some new resources will be included as well, such as a project checklist and glossary of web design terms. Overall, the user experience should be dramatically improved, and some of the changes will also make it quicker and easier for me to publish tutorial updates.

Speaking of tutorial updates, I will be producing a lot of new content as soon as this update is published. I hate that a few weeks have passed since new tutorials were added, but this redesign has been a massive undertaking and has required all of my attention recently. I will be playing catch-up throughout the rest of October with a lot of great new content for Classroom subscribers.

Finally, I will be posting more regular updates to the RapidWeaver Classroom Facebook page and Twitter account, so please follow me there if you don’t already!

Thanks for your support,

- Ryan

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