RapidWeaver is Compatible with OS X Mavericks

As many of you have undoubtedly heard, Apple today announced the immediate availability of Mavericks, the newest version of OS X for the Mac. This is great news, especially because the current version of RapidWeaver is already compatible with Mavericks. If you decide to upgrade to Mavericks, be sure that you are running RapidWeaver 5.3.1 and that all of your 3rd-party plugins are up-to-date. It’s especially important that you have updated the PlusKit plugin to version 2.40, if you have it installed on your system.

If you are uncertain about the availability of plugin updates, then it is easy to quickly discover which plugins have updates available. Simply launch RapidWeaver and select RapidWeaver > Check for Update… from the main menu. RapidWeaver will notify you if any updates are available, and direct you the Realmac Software Addons page, where you can download the latest versions. Some plugins will also notify you automatically if you have them added to a project, but RapidWeaver’s Check for Update function is a much quicker solution.

In RapidWeaver Classroom news, I hope that you’ve had an opportunity to look through the redesign of the Classroom members’ area. I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback so far -- thanks so much to those of you who have taken the time to send me an email! The Grad School curriculum is receiving the same treatment later today, so if you also subscribe to Grad School then you can expect to see this new redesign there as well.

New tutorials are also in the works, and I will post an update with more details as soon as they are available!

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