New Tutorial on using 301 Redirects

I’ve added the tutorial “Using 301 Redirects” to the SEO lesson under Strategies. 301 Redirects are useful in several situations:
  • You are changing the filename of an existing web page.
  • You are updating your website and consolidating multiple pages into a single one.
  • You are eliminating a page but still want inbound links to direct to an existing page.
301 Redirects ensure that your website’s visitors arrive at active, existing pages on your website. They also ensure that inbound links remain valid, even if you remove the original pages those links pointed to. This is especially useful and important in regards to SEO, because you don’t want search engine links to reference missing pages. On account of the SEO implications, I decided to place this tutorial under the SEO lesson.

This information is not crucial for brand new websites that are being built, but it can be helpful to understand the concept when it comes to future changes that might take place with your website.

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