CartLoom 3 Tutorials and a New "How to…"

The CartLoom tutorials have been completely re-done to reflect all the changes with CartLoom 3. One of the major changes is the official CartLoom 3 Stack, which is detailed in this new series of tutorials.

When the CartLoom 3 upgrade was announced, it was also announced that the CartLoom plugin was being dropped. This is no longer the case, and a new CartLoom plugin is currently in beta. Once the final version of the plugin is released, I will be sure to cover it and that tutorial to the CartLoom series. While I much prefer the CartLoom Stack, a new plugin is great news for existing CartLoom users who built their product pages with the previous CartLoom plugin.

I am personally very impressed with CartLoom as an e-commerce solution, and I think anyone looking to sell products online should strongly consider it. If you want to know more about the new features in CartLoom 3, you can read the article here.

A new tutorial on creating multilingual websites.

I have also added a new tutorial on how to build a multilingual website with RapidWeaver. The tutorial covers the use of multiple RapidWeaver project files to manage each language version, and how to work with RapidWeaver’s Site Setup and Publishing Settings to ensure that the individual files plays nice with one another once published. This new tutorials is found in the “How to…” section, under Continuing Ed in the main menu of the members’ area.

A different kind of addition, just in time for Christmas.

I’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! It will be a bit different for me this year, as my family will be expanding with the birth of a baby girl just before Christmas. I love being a father to my 2 year-old son, but I expect things will be forever changed with a little girl around! We are very excited to meet her and have her around during this holiday season.

As always, I (and my family) greatly appreciate the tremendous support and I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and great new year!

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