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RapidWeaver FreeStack Responsive Tutorials
I am very excited to announce the release of a new series of tutorials covering the FreeStack Responsive Theme from Blueball Design. This is a brand new responsive version of the immensely popular FreeStack Theme, which makes it possible to build the entire layout of a website from the ground up using the drag-and-drop flexibility of the Stacks 2 plugin.

This FreeStack R Theme is responsive, meaning that it will optimize your website for all devices -- computers, tablets and smartphones. Responsive themes became a major trend last year, and it looks like it will be a lasting trend that radically changes how websites are developed. If you haven’t already viewed the series of tutorials on Responsive Themes, then I highly recommend viewing those for a better understanding of what “responsive” is, and how it impacts the way websites are developed.

This new series of FreeStack R Theme tutorials is being released in two halves, with the first half consisting of 5 tutorials spanning just over an hour of time, so you can be assured that the training is very detailed. These first five tutorials include an introduction, details on theme styles, two tutorials covering every stack that comes with the theme, and finally a tutorial on building menus.

I am planning to release the second half of the series towards the end of next week. The primary focus of this second half is the creation of a website layout using the theme and its stacks. If you have viewed the original FreeStack Theme tutorials then you can expect a similar format with these new tutorials.

In addition to all of this, I also have Elixir Graphics stacks tutorials that are almost ready for release. Check back for more information on these during the second week of March.

Thanks for your support!


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