New Tutorial Added and Big News

I wanted to take a moment to post an announcement about a big update to the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum that is coming this month. A detailed series of tutorials on the Freestack Theme will be made available to subscribers soon. If you aren’t already familiar with Freestack, it is a theme that is specially designed to allow you to create the entire layout of a website with the Stacks plugin. Since it effectively offers unlimited potential, developing a series of comprehensive tutorials has been quite a challenge, but I believe the result will be a very beneficial resource for anyone developing a website with the Freestack theme.

This series of tutorials will be released by the end of September, but in the meantime I’d like to share a new tutorial on the Bigfoot Legend Stacks from RapidWeaver Central. Bigfoot Legend is a bundle of Stack Elements and Template Stacks, making it a very unique addition to the world of Stacks add-ons. The goal of this bundle is to quickly and easily build tall, stylish footers in a website. It is especially effective with ExtraContent-supported themes, but can be used with any theme. The Stack Elements themselves can also be used independently to accomplish other purposes. For example, the list of features on the Home page of RapidWeaver Classroom was created with a stack that is included in this bundle.

Check back soon for the release of the Freestack Theme series!

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