FTP Tutorials Updated

I have updated the FTP tutorials found in the Continuing Education section of the curriculum. The previous FTP tutorials were several years old and used an outdated version of Transmit, the FTP application that I use and recommend. These new tutorials cover the content in the previous tutorials, as well as some new information, such as a quick and easy way to get the full URL of any file on your server.

Understanding how to use FTP is very important for anyone doing website design. It’s not an overly complicated topic, but it’s one that has the tendency to intimidate people. The FTP tutorials explain how to connect to your server with FTP, and how to upload, move, delete and archive files on the server.

These new FTP tutorials have also been added to Lesson 9: Web Hosting in the RapidWeaver section of tutorials. Since web hosting and the use of FTP go hand-in-hand, it made sense to make these tutorials available in that section as well.

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