New Tutorials on the Mobilize Plugin

Mobilize Plugin
Two new tutorials on the Mobilize plugin have been added to the Add-Ons section of the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum.

The Mobilize plugin will redirect your website visitors to a mobile version of your website when they are viewing your website with a mobile device. Mobilize uses "mobile detection" to determine what device a visitor is using, and will send them to the appropriate version of your website based on that detection.

Mobilize does NOT create a mobile version of your website, but in these tutorials we will look at how to create a mobile version with RapidWeaver, and the relationship between a mobile and “desktop” version of your website.

Mobilize is a great solution for those with an existing website, who want to add a mobile version and have visitors using mobile devices directed there. If you are building a completely new website and want to include mobile compatibility, then using a responsive theme is another possible option, which prevents the need to develop two separate websites. The topic of responsive themes will be addressed next week with a new addition to RapidWeaver Classroom, so check back here soon for more information.

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