Two More FreeStack R Tutorials Available

RapidWeaver FreeStack Responsive Tutorials
I have added two more tutorials to the FreeStack Responsive Theme series: “Creating a Website Layout” and “Blogging”. The Creating a Website Layout tutorial walks through the use of some of the FreeStack R Stacks to build the layout of a website. The unique characteristics of responsive websites require that layouts be developed in certain ways, and so the tutorial discusses some of those special requirements.

The Blogging tutorial discusses how a blog can be added to a website built with the FreeStack Responsive Theme. Since all pages in a FreeStack R website need to be based on the Stacks 2 plugin, that reduces the blogging options that are available, and this is important to understand when considering a website built with this theme.

With 7 tutorials totaling just over 1.5 hours, most of the information you need to know about the FreeStack Responsive Theme is now available in this series. I will consider future additions based on your feedback, so please let me know if you find any information that is lacking.

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