Two More WeaverPix Plugin Tutorials

This week’s update bring two more tutorials to the new WeaverPix series. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view last week’s WeaverPix tutorials, then I highly recommend spending some time viewing these four videos. WeaverPix is a very powerful image gallery/slideshow solution, and these two new videos go into more detail on what makes this plugin so great.

The third video in the series, Using WeaverPix Themes, details the process of selecting the best theme for your photo gallery. Many of the WeaverPix themes are responsive and work in responsive RapidWeaver themes, and this topic is discussed as well.

The fourth video, Adding Warehoused Images, discusses a different way of adding photos to your website, using a web-based admin area for managing your images. This option provides a lot of flexibility for managing and updating the photos on your website without the use of RapidWeaver. The video walks through all of the setup and details for using the warehousing option.

WeaverPix offers even more ways of adding and managing photos, and so next week’s update will discuss the use of 3rd-party services -- Flickr, Picasa, 500px and Dribble. Check back late next week for more information on the next update.

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