Lesson on Web Hosting Added to Curriculum

I have added a new lesson to the RapidWeaver section of the curriculum. Lesson 9 covers topics related to web hosting, and includes 3 tutorials to start, with more to come.

We all know that web hosting is required to put our website online, but web hosts provide a lot of features and functionality, and much of it can be confusing. Lesson 9 will cover a variety of topics that are common to web hosting providers. The basics of setting up a hosting account are covered, and an overview of the cPanel software -- the most popular control panel solution -- is covered as well. There’s even a RapidWeaver plugin from JavaBean Hosting that is discussed in one tutorial.

The next addition to Lesson 9 will be a tutorial on domains. There are a lot of questions about domains -- how to move them, redirect them, change name servers, add multiple domains to an account, etc. This tutorial will aim to clear-up a lot of questions about this subject. Check back soon for more information on that tutorial, and others!

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