Content Layout Curriculum

This curriculum consists of the following lessons and tutorials.

Stacks 3

142 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 13:49
Stacks 3 Interface 14:51
Using the Built-in Stacks 14:05
Using 3rd-Party Stacks 11:08
Stacks Inspector - Part 1 12:15
Stacks Inspector - Part 2 13:10
Responsive Controls 7:21
Using Partials 15:15
Using Global Content 4:44
Formatting Text and Images 13:49
Using Stacks Cloud 16:02
Using ExtraContent with Stacks 6:49
Importing Stacks into Non-Stacks Pages 7:16

Blocks Plugin

95 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 9:05
Blocks Inspector - Part 1 20:02
Blocks Inspector - Part 2 17:02
The Text Block 11:56
The Image Text Block 6:25
The HTML Block 5:54
The Page Block 13:59
Using a Master Page 8:27

Stack Elements

80 minutes

Title Length
Responsive Layout Stack 10:55
Bigfoot Stack 9:38
Bricks Stack 8:52
Jack Stack 18:47
Power Grid Stack 8:40
MegaMenu Stack 1:54
Infinity Stack 2:01
Bullet Pro Stack 2:04
Image List Stack 1:22
Splash Stack 1:22
DragZone Stack 8:31
Floaty Stack 5:18

RapidWeaver Pages

11 minutes

Title Length
Styled Text Page 8:39
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