Miscellaneous Curriculum

This curriculum consists of the following lessons and tutorials.

PlusKit Plugin

23 minutes

Title Length
Adding a Lightbox Effect 12:29
Adding the Fancy Zoom Effect 4:40
Importing Pages 6:16

Sitemap Plus Plugin

40 minutes

Title Length
Overview 8:51
Page Inspector Settings 7:42
Creating a Sitemap 9:54
Submitting to Google 8:04
Submitting to Yahoo! 4:45

DateLoom Plugin

10 minutes

Title Length
Using DateLoom 9:51

Mobilize Plugin

14 minutes

Title Length
Introduction 1:32
Using Mobilize 12:53

FAQMaker Plugin

12 minutes

Title Length
Creating an FAQ 12:00

RapidSearch Pro Plugin

22 minutes

Title Length
Using RapidSearch Pro 15:04
Adding Search Fields 6:58

Stack Elements

130 minutes

Title Length
Flat Button Stack 3:18
Drawer Stack 5:34
Power Button Stack 2:06
Liftoff Stack 6:04
Teleporter Stack 1:46
Houdini Stack 7:52
Map Stack 1:30
Google Maps Stack 4:13
Top Chauffeur Stack 1:14
Landing Zone Stack 2:04
Scroll-To Stack 2:04
Screen Lift Stack 1:38
Font Stacks 1:21
Background Media Stack 1:27
Translate Stack 3:16
Curtain Call Stack 4:33
Link & Anchor Stacks 9:23
Speech Bubble Stack 7:53
Dispatch Stacks 8:44
InfoBar Stack 5:18
OldBrowsr Stack 4:20
Notifications Stack 8:47
Content Fader Stack 3:13
DateSnap Stack 14:05
MapSnap Stack 9:39
X-Sizer Stack 1:35
Notes Stack 1:14
Quarantine Stack 1:19
Locker Stack 2:13
X-Ray Stack 5:19

How to…

64 minutes

Title Length
Create Anchors 10:11
Split a RapidWeaver Website 8:17
Create a Multilingual Website 12:12
Create a Placeholder Menu Item 4:17
Add Font Awesome Icons 15:07
Replace an Existing Website 9:50
Create a mySQL Database 4:37
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