Subscription Cancellation

You are responsible for handling the status of your subscription. I have made the cancellation process very simple and there is no need to contact me and await a reply to proceed with the cancellation. Please follow the simple steps outlined below.
How to cancel your subscription
1) Log-in to RapidWeaver Classroom — if you have forgotten your password you can reset it on the login page.
2) Click My Account in the main menu.
3) Click the Payments History tab.
4) Click the Cancel link in the Product column.

You should receive a message confirming your cancellation.
If you experience any difficulty with this process then please contact me.

Helpful Information

The 30-day subscription automatically renews until it is cancelled, as explained in the Membership Agreement you accepted during registration. You may cancel your subscription anytime during the 30-day subscription period to prevent renewal, or within 3 days following renewal for a refund.

Important Refund Information
In order to receive a refund after renewal, you need to cancel within 3 days of the renewal AND use this contact form to request your refund. Canceling through the Membership Information page will NOT automatically generate a refund.
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