The Classroom Curriculum

The Classroom Curriculum includes over 350 video tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced RapidWeaver users. The following topics are included, and you can view a complete listing of the Classroom tutorials further down the page.
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Section 101: RapidWeaver 6

RapidWeaver 5 training is also included with over 50 unique tutorials.

Every detail of RapidWeaver itself is covered in this section, along with a few additional topics that are important for any website. These lessons should be viewed in order. Tutorials designated with a are highly recommended.

1: The Basics

76 minutes

Adding Pages
Project Settings
Building a Navigation Menu
Page Inspector
Saving a Project
Exporting and Publishing

2: Page Types

95 minutes

3rd-Party Plugins
Styled Text
Blog - Part 1
Blog - Part 2
Contact Form
Photo Album
File Sharing
Offsite Page

5: Using Addons

16 minutes

Introduction to Addons
Installing/Updating Addons
Using the Addons Manager

4: Formatting Content

55 minutes

Pasting Content from Other Sources
Formatting Text in Styled Text Areas
Formatting Text with HTML
Formatting Images for Use in a Project
Formatting Images with HTML
Formatting Images with the Media Editor
Preparing Video for Use in a Project

3: Themes

27 minutes

Choosing a Theme
Working with Theme Styles
3rd-Party Themes

6: Other Features

18 minutes

Adding and Using Resources
Using Snippets
Using the Media Browser
Customizing the Toolbar

7: Building a Website

81 minutes

Selecting and Styling a Theme
Adding Pages
Setting File and Folder Names
Browser Titles and Meta Tags
Content Layout
Using the Sidebar
Configuring Stats
Reviewing Your Project

10: Web Hosting

40 minutes

Setting Up Web Hosting
The JavaBean Plugin
Connecting with FTP
Managing Files with FTP

9: Miscellaneous Topics

20 minutes

Measuring Space
HTML Email Newsletters

8: Using CSS Code

17 minutes

Custom Styling with CSS
Developer Tools / Inspect Element

Section 201: Add-Ons

Add-Ons are created by 3rd-party developers and do not come with RapidWeaver, but provide great features and functionality that can help you accomplish many purposes.
The tutorials in this section are categorized by function. Tutorials designated with a are highly recommended.


These series of tutorials focus on the selection and use of RapidWeaver themes.
Choosing a Theme Series

Responsive Theme Series

ExtraContent Series

Theme Banners and Slideshows
Foundation Theme Series

FreeStack Theme Series

FreeStack ResponsiveTheme Series

RWmultitool (Edit Theme Header Images)

Content Layout

These add-ons help you control the way your content is organized on a page.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
Blocks Plugin
*Styled Text Plugin
*Denotes a plugin that is included with RapidWeaver.


Responsive Layout Stacks
BigFoot Legend Stacks
Bricks Stack
Jack Stack
Rows Stack
Power Grid Stack
Pro Columns Stack
MegaMenu Stack
Infinity Stack
Bullet Pro Stack
Image List Stack
Trunky Stack
Splash Stack
PageLime CMS Stacks
DragZone Stack

Media (Audio & Video)

These add-ons create audio or video players for your media content.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
Easy Tube Gallery Plugin
*Movie Album Plugin
*QuickTime Plugin
*Denotes a plugin that is included with RapidWeaver.


Playr Stack
AudioDeckr Stack
HTML5 Video Stack
HTML5 Audio Stack
13 Video Stacks
YouTube Pop Stack
Vimeo Pop Stack
Flash Embed Stack
PlayListr Stack


These add-ons display your photos in a variety of ways, from individual photos to galleries.


WeaverPix 3 Plugin
Stacks 2.5 Plugin
Collage 2 Plugin
*Photo Album Plugin
*Denotes a plugin that is included with RapidWeaver.


Portfolio Stack
Face Off Pro Stack
Flickr Pro Stack
Viewr Stack
Masonry Stack
SuperBox Stack
Image Pop Stack
Sprightly Stack
RefinedSlidr Stack
RefinedSlidr Warehouse Stack
MovingBox Stack
Scroll Stack
Gyro Stack
Image Safe
Mask Stack
GrayScale Stack
InstaViewr Stack
Viewr Stack
Shelf Stack
Image Roundabout Stack


These add-ons create lightboxes -- a modal window that hovers over a webpage and draws attention to the content inside. Lightboxes are commonly used for displaying photos or video, but some can display any type of content.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
WeaverPix 3 Plugin
Collage 2 Plugin
EasyTube Gallery Plugin
PlusKit Plugin


Expose Stack
Lightbox Stack
Viewr Stack
Shelf Stack
Image Pop Stack
YouTube Pop Stack
Vimeo Pop Stack

Content Switchers

These add-ons make it possible to present a large amount of content in a limited, defined space. Typically any kind of content can be placed in a switcher. Sliders, tabbed boxes and accordions are a few examples.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
Accordion Plugin
Carousel Plugin
TabLoom Plugin


Rotatr Stack
Cycler Stack
Revolution Stack
Totem Stack
Slinkee Stack
ZipList Stack
ZipBar Stack
Daily Stack
Time Stack
Spin Stack
Hunter Stack
MovingBox Stack
Gyro Stack
Hippo Stack
Tabulous Stack
TabSnap Stack
Mask Stack
RefinedSlidr Stack
RefinedSlidr Warehouse Stack


These add-ons create e-commerce functionality on your website, enabling you to sell products and accept payment.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
CartLoom Plugin
PayLoom Plugin
RapidCart Plugin
RapidLink Plugin


CartLoom Stack
PaySnap Stacks


These add-ons create forms for your website. Contact forms, registration forms and surveys are typical uses of these add-ons.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
*Contact Form Plugin
FormLoom Plugin
*Denotes a plugin that is included with RapidWeaver.


FormSnap Stacks
FormSnap Jr. Stack
Post Office Stack

Blogging & Social

These add-ons offer various types of functionality that encourage social interaction with your website. Blogs, social networks, RSS and commenting are some examples.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
*Blog Plugin
WP-Blog Plugin
RapidBlog Plugin
*Denotes a plugin that is included with RapidWeaver.


Socializr Stack
Like It Stack
Share It Stack
Tumblr Stack
RSS Stacks
RSS Feed Stack
Comments Stack
BackSnap Stack

Responsive Layout

These add-ons (primarily stacks) are specifically designed to help you create responsive website layouts. Note: This category does not include every responsive stack. These stacks are specific to creating responsiveness for the content placed inside.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin


Responsive Layout Stacks
Fluid Image Stack
Floaty Stack
Responsive Embed Stack
Fit Text Stack

Content Protection

These add-ons protect your content by requiring a password, or by hiding your content until some specific action takes place to reveal it.


Stacks 2.5 Plugin
Lockdown Plugin


PrivateEyes Stack
Image Safe Stack

Utility Stacks

These are Stack Elements (stacks) for the Stacks 2 plugin that can be helpful to the website development process in various ways. These stacks are not used to create visible content on your website.
X-Sizer Stack
Notes Stack
Locker Stack
Quarantine Stack
X-Ray Stack


These add-ons serve a variety of purposes and don't fall into any of the above categories.


PlusKit Plugin
Sitemap Plugin
DateLoom Plugin
Mobilize Plugin
FAQMaker Plugin
RapidSearch Pro Plugin


Flat Button Stack
Drawer Stack
Power Button Stack
Offsite Stack
Liftoff Stack
Teleporter Stack
Houdini Stack
Map Stack
Google Maps Stack
Top Chauffeur Stack
Landing Zone Stack
Scroll-To Stack
Screen Lift Stack
Font Stacks
Background Media Stack
Translate Stack
Curtain Call Stack
Link & Anchor Stacks
Speech Bubble
Dispatch Stacks
Infobar Stack
OldBrowsr Stack
Notifications Stack
Content Fader Stack
DateSnap Stacks
MapSnap Stack

Section 301: Continuing Education

This section includes tips & tricks, how-to's, and addresses use of some 3rd-party applications. Some lessons are more advanced and may involve modification of CSS and HTML. Tutorials designated with a are highly recommended.

Working with FTP

20 minutes

Connecting with FTP
Managing Files with FTP

How to...

165 minutes

Customize a Header
Create a Sign-up Form
Accept Payment or Donations
Accept Registration & Payment
Create Anchors
Split a RapidWeaver Website
Create a Multilingual Website
Create a Placeholder Menu Item
Add a PayPal Button
Add Font Awesome Icons
Embed a Responsive YouTube Video
Replace an Existing Website
Create a mySQL Database


35 minutes

RapidWeaver Crashes
Contact Form Issues
Plugin Errors & Conflicts
Publishing Issues

Content Management Systems

76 minutes

Google Docs
Google Calendar
Pulse CMS

Page Lime CMS

Overview of Page Lime Stacks
Page Lime Stacks Detailed
Setup and Configuration
Stacks Compatibility
Repeating Regions
Publishing Changes

Section 401: Strategies

This section of the curriculum consists of various "strategies" that can assist you in developing an effective website. A variety of topics will be discussed here, from the use of Google Analytics, to social networking, to development of website content. A majority of the topics covered here will target websites that are used for business purposes, though some of the information can apply to most any kind of website. Tutorials designated with a are highly recommended.

Google Analytics

47 minutes

Traffic Sources
Campaign Tracking
Creating Goals
Social Media

Webmaster Tools

34 minutes

Sitemap Submission
Optimization Tools
Website Health Tools
Miscellaneous Tools


106 minutes

Building Content
Internal Linking
Browser Titles & Filenames
Cruftless Links
Meta and Alt Tags
Miscellaneous Tips
Techniques to Avoid
Using 301 Redirects
Google Authorship
Google +1
Google Places for Business
Geographic Targeting

Design Principles

53 minutes

The F Pattern
Creating a Call to Action
The K.I.S.S. Principle
Integrating Social Networks
RapidWeaver Classroom's constantly-expanding library of video tutorials covers a huge variety of topics, so chances are good that you will find all the information you need. Don't see a topic you're interested in learning about? Simpy submit a request for it, and chances are good that training on that topic can be created.

"RapidWeaver Classroom provides an outstanding learning environment that helps to maximize and clarify the power of RapidWeaver. It saves me countless hours and gives me the confidence that I'm working efficiently with the software."
-Ann Monteith

"Your service is AMAZING. I feel without your tutorials I would've missed about 90% of RW's (and the plug-ins') capabilities. My only regret is I wasted two days researching if I actually needed to attend your classroom. Not only do I concur these are the best video tutorials I have ever seen (no matter what the topic), I never feel stupid, nor bored and have also appreciated a curriculum to give me the discipline to systematically work through so much information. Thank you so much!"
-Adam Ferrelly