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The following tutorials were created as part of the project Your iWeb Alternative, which was created as an information website for people switching from iWeb to RapidWeaver. These tutorials demonstrate the style and quality of the training here at RapidWeaver Classroom. More free tutorials will continue to be made available here.
Watch as the website, Your iWeb Alternative, gets practically rebuilt in about 15 minutes!
A look at some of the unique styles and flexibility that RapidWeaver themes (templates) have to offer.
Learn more about RapidWeaver's "must-have" plugin, making it possible to accomplish almost anything.
Take a look at how RapidWeaver provides full-featured, flexible blogging tools for your website.
RapidWeaver provides many ways to optimize the content of your website for search engines.
Learn how quick and easy it is to publish your website with RapidWeaver.

About RapidWeaver Classroom

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My name is Ryan Smith and I have been a RapidWeaver user since 2005. I launched this website in 2008 and have dedicated myself to providing the best RapidWeaver training available anywhere. Read more...

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Whether you've run into some hurdles with your website project, you can't find the time to work on it, or you simply want an outside perspective, I'd be glad help. I offer a variety of 1-on-1 services. Learn more about my RapidWeaver Consulting services.


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Student Testimonial

RapidWeaver Classroom is a life saver!
John Dentico

Built With RapidWeaver

It should go without saying, but this website was built using RapidWeaver and many of its amazing add-ons. Join today if you'd like to learn how to build websites like this!