The Grad School Curriculum

Code is no longer scary! Our Grad School video tutorials eliminate the intimidation associated with HTML and CSS code, giving you the confidence to tweak your website's theme and content. Topics on the creation of a membership website and integration of a discussion forum are also included in this curriculum. View the complete listing of over 60 Grad School video tutorials below.
Section 101: HTML, CSS & Theme Modification
This section covers all the basics of HTML and CSS and how they are used in RapidWeaver. The HTML Basics lesson should be viewed first, followed by the CSS lessons and finally Editing the Plist.

HTML Basics

49 minutes

This lesson builds the foundation for the use of HTML in website development with RapidWeaver.
What is HTML?
HTML Tools
HTML and RapidWeaver
The DIV Tag
The SPAN Tag

CSS Basics

63 minutes

This lesson provides an introduction to CSS as a method of styling the elements and content in a website.
What is CSS?
CSS and RW
Anatomy of a CSS Rule
Class Selectors
ID Selectors
Descendent Selectors
Group Selectors
Margin and Padding
The Color Property
Styling Text
The Text-Decoration Property
Formatting Paragraphs

Internal CSS

13 minutes

This lesson focuses on how the CSS of a theme can be modified directly through RapidWeaver itself.
The Custom CSS Panel
Modifying CSS Rules
Internal Methods Reviewed

External CSS

26 minutes

This lesson focuses on the CSS files used by a theme to style the elements and content of your website.
Espresso and CSSEdit
The CSS Folder
IE.css and Print.css

Modifying Themes

20 minutes

This lesson focuses on the editing of external CSS files that are found in the contents of a RapidWeaver theme.
Non-Destructive Editing
Using CSSEdit
How do I change ... ?

Common Modifications

128 minutes

This lesson covers a variety of common theme modifications.
Width (Part 1)
Width (Part 2)
Header Size
Navigation Menu
Heading Styles
Paragraph Formatting
Blog Formatting
Contact Form Formatting
Adding or Modifying Images
Closing Thoughts

Editing the Plist

22 minutes

This lesson discusses the theme's Plist file, which can be modified to add new theme variations.
The Theme Plist
Creating Theme Variations
Adding New Features
Section 201: Integrating External Applications
External applications such as forums and membership systems will be covered here. Some of these will require work with HTML and mySQL databases, but as always these items will be described in detail.

aMember Membership System - Version 4

104 minutes

This series takes you through a real membership site being developed with RapidWeaver and the aMember software.
aMember Introduction
aMember Installation
Setup and Configuration
Creating a Cron Job
Creating Products and Protecting Content
Customizing the Signup Form
Template Customizations
Publishing Protected Content
The Member Page

PunBB Discussion Forum

45 minutes

This series takes you through the installation and customization of a PunBB discussion forum.
Quick Installation
Manual Installation
Integration with RapidWeaver
Customizing the Forum
Forum Administration

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