A Message from Ryan

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I shared an update here, so I thought I would do so by video!


RapidWeaver 8 Has Arrived - New Tutorials Available

RapidWeaver 8 was released on Tuesday and it is a fantastic update that I highly recommend. There are many new additions and refinements, but the major features include new theme style options, Unsplash Photos (royalty-free stock photos) integration, a GDPR privacy feature, social network sharing, and better management of resources and 3rd-party addons. RapidWeaver Classroom currently has 13 new tutorials covering the features and changes with this version, and more will be released each day this week. Here is a listing of the first set of tutorials:

> Upgrading from RapidWeaver 6 to 8
> Upgrading from RapidWeaver 7 to 8
> Overview of New Interface
> New Themes and Style Options
> Simulate Mode
> Resources and Unsplash Photos
> Managing Addons
> Tabbed Projects View
> Preferences
> Settings: General and Web Icons
> Settings: Advanced and Privacy (GDPR)
> Settings: Code, Master Style and Notes
> Settings: Publishing

As mentioned, this is only the first set of new tutorials being released for RapidWeaver 8. There are many more to come, along with updates to other series of tutorials using RapidWeaver 8.

Subscribers to RapidWeaver Classroom have immediate access to these new tutorials. Additionally, for the first time in the 10-year history of RapidWeaver Classroom, I am offering a Lifetime Subscription option that will be available for a limited time. If you currently have an active subscription and would like to switch to this Lifetime option, please get in-touch with me and I will help you with the switch.


P.S. I realize it's been quite a while since my last update and tutorial announcement. There are many reasons for this, and I will share all of that soon. In the meantime, I am thrilled to offer these new tutorials with you and to continue with more upcoming releases.


RapidWeaver 7 is Here -- New Tutorials Available Now!

RapidWeaver 7 is here and offers a variety of great improvements that will make our weaving lives more enjoyable! I have posted new tutorials in the RapidWeaver curriculum that cover all of the new features and updates. Since RapidWeaver 7 shares much in common with RapidWeaver 6, I didn't find it necessary to re-do the entire RapidWeaver series of tutorials, so the RapidWeaver 7 tutorials are mixed-in with the RapidWeaver 6 videos. Those videos include RW 7 in the title so that it is obvious they are for that version. I've also placed all the new tutorials together for anyone who would like to only view those.

RapidWeaver 7 offers a lot of improvements and refinements, and you can see a full list of features here, or you can view the overview video that I have put together.

I will have more to share soon. In the meantime, enjoy RapidWeaver 7!



New RapidCart Pro Stacks Tutorial + RapidWeaver 7 News!

RapidCart Pro 4
RapidCart Pro received an update to v4.7 last week, and with the update came a new RapidCart Pro stack that had been anticipated for several weeks. Now that it is available, I have updated the RapidCart Pro tutorial series with a new tutorial on using the plugin and its stacks to create an online store in Stacks pages. There are a total of 4 RapidCart Pro stacks — 3 of these (Cart, Product and Grid) can be used to add products and other shopping cart features to Stacks pages, and then the Store Stack can be used to embed an entire RapidCart Pro store into a Stacks page. The Store Stack is the newest addition with v4.7, and it is intended for use with Stacks-based themes such as Foundation that require ALL pages to be built with Stacks. With that, RapidCart Pro is now compatible with any Stacks-based system, offering the best of both worlds when it comes to working with both Stacks and a dedicated plugin. This new tutorial — "RapidCart Pro and Stacks" — will guide you through all of the details.

Watch the new RapidCart Pro tutorial

Major RapidWeaver 7 News

If you have been keeping up with Realmac's announcements then you are likely aware that they have been working hard on RapidWeaver 7. Last week they publicly announced a tentative release date for the next major version of RapidWeaver — Tuesday, May 24th. Yes, that is next week! So that sheds some light on what I've been up to since I published the RapidCart Pro series of tutorials back in April. RapidWeaver 7 has some fantastic new features and updates, and I look forward to sharing all the information with you in new RapidWeaver 7 tutorials that will be made available as soon as RapidWeaver 7 launches.

Once those RapidWeaver 7 tutorials are released, there will be much more to come as I move forward with production of a ton of new material using RapidWeaver 7. As always, thanks for your support and keep an eye out for a big announcement soon!



Major Updates and RapidCart Pro Tutorials

RapidCart Pro 4
It has been months since my last update and this one is long overdue. Since that last update, RapidWeaver Classroom has been given a completely new design, an upgraded membership system, a search feature, a reworked presentation of tutorials and a new home for hosting the tutorial content. I am very happy with the results of this work, but the problem is that it has taken much longer than I anticipated, and this progress has come at the expense of new content. I am about 75% complete with all the "upgrades" I have been working on, but I've taken some time over the past 6 weeks to focus on production of new tutorial content, which I am releasing today.

22-Part RapidCart Pro 4 Tutorial Series

I am pleased to announce a 22-part series of tutorials detailing the excellent RapidCart Pro 4 plugin for RapidWeaver. I have spent a lot of time with this plugin and I am very impressed with the e-commerce capabilities that it has to offer. It supports both physical and digital products, is highly customizable in almost every way imaginable, and it features a very elegant catalog and checkout experience. For years now I have championed CartLoom as my e-commerce solution of choice, but I must say that it has a very strong competitor in RapidCart Pro 4. If you are considering an e-commerce component for your website then I would highly recommend you take a look at RapidCart Pro 4.

Members, log-in here to access the RapidCart Pro 4 tutorials.

RapidWeaver Classroom Upgrades

I briefly outlined some of the changes I've been working on, but wanted to take this opportunity to go into a bit more detail for anyone who might be interested. If you have not spent any time at RapidWeaver Classroom since late last year, then I'd like to encourage you to take a few minutes with the new design of the website. I wanted to feature many of the capabilities that RapidWeaver has to offer, and I needed to adopt a more modern theme to do that. The result is what I hope is an aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and provides an enjoyable user experience. This new design was implemented site-wide on both the public-facing and membership areas of the website.

In conjunction with the redesign I performed a major upgrade to the aMember membership system used here at RapidWeaver Classroom. In fact this was the most significant aMember upgrade since I launched the website in 2008. The benefits of this upgrade are many and greatly improve the user experience. For example, linking directly to a specific page of protected content as I did above was not possible in the previous version — believe it or not — and I can now do this as new content is added. You can now upgrade between curriculums through your account settings, and I am developing a tighter integration between them so that you can easily browse and access content between both. Speaking of curriculums, I took this opportunity to simplify the offerings and there are now just two that fall under the names Undergrad and Graduate. Undergrad was previously known as Classroom, and Graduate merges Grad School and Combined as the option for accessing all content.

I am also excited to announce that after many attempts at implementing a search feature, I have had success adding one that works better than any I've tried before. It is technically a "filter" — but it filters content by topic, keyword and/or developer. So, for example, you could set the filters to find tutorials that cover video stacks by Joe Workman, and you would quickly arrive at the corresponding page. This search feature is available on the Home page of the members' area as well as on a dedicated Search page there, and you can also find it on the Tutorials page of the main RapidWeaver Classroom website. I have created many search terms to filter by, but I'd appreciate feedback on any way it might be improved.

Finally, I decided it was also time to transition all of the video tutorial content to a new video hosting platform. I have been using Amazon's AWS service for years now and while it has been very good, managing the content has been difficult and the video player used to present this content has not kept up with changing technology. I had been keeping an eye on the Vimeo Pro service for some time and decided it was finally time to make the jump. The Vimeo player is a great improvement and many of the tutorials are now hosted there. The transition is still not complete, though, so I will continue to work on that as I also develop brand new content.

More New Content Soon

This release of the RapidCart Pro 4 series marks the starting point for a massive amount of new content to be produced in 2016. By the end of this year, a vast majority of RapidWeaver Classroom's curriculum will be new, as I update older content and cover many new, exciting add-ons. The work over these past months has brought me to the point where I can shift my focus back to tutorial production, and I am very excited about bringing new training to RapidWeaver Classroom.

Thanks for your support,