Please make a selection below for the Terms of Use for the products RapidWeaver Classroom offers.

Here it is, the legal stuff that is no fun to read, or write. Basically, everything here boils down to the following:
  • You pay a subscription fee for access to the video tutorials
  • Your subscription renews unless you cancel
  • You may view the video tutorials as often as you like so long as you're a subscriber
  • You are not allowed to download the videos and store them on your computer
  • RapidWeaver Classroom does not own the RapidWeaver name nor does it develop the software or its plugins
Now for the official legal details. By subscribing to this service, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions of use.

Authorized Use

RapidWeaver Classroom hereby grants to You a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access the content and information available on this site according to the provisions contained herein and subject to the payment of the applicable subscription fees and adherence to these Terms.


The right of access granted under these Terms is effective only upon payment of the subscription fees, which are strictly non-refundable other than as expressly provided herein. RapidWeaver Classroom offers 3-month and 1-year subscription plans. Both subscription plans automatically renew, and RapidWeaver Classroom will charge the subscription fees to Your credit card, every 3 months or 1 year, according to the terms of the subscription you choose. You may cancel your 3-month or 1-year subscription up to three (3) calendar days after the renewal date and receive a full refund of the new subscription fee. If You do not cancel Your subscription within three (3) calendar days after the renewal date, You shall be obligated to pay the subscription fee for the new subscription period. If You received any discount, rebate or other special offer on Your initial subscription, RapidWeaver Classroom will renew Your subscription at the then-current full subscription rate for Your plan, and RapidWeaver Classroom will charge You the then-current full subscription fee. Discounts, rebates and special offers are only valid for the initial subscription term unless otherwise stated on RapidWeaver Classroom's official discount, rebate or special offer materials.

Access to the Protected Video Tutorials

RapidWeaver Classroom strives to provide access to its subscribers on a continuous basis. To that end, RapidWeaver Classroom will take all commercially reasonable efforts to provide uninterrupted access to its subscribers. However, from time to time, subscribers may be unable to access the protected video tutorials due to conditions beyond RapidWeaver Classroom's control. Such conditions include, but are not limited to: force majeure, acts of God, power outages, and the acts of computer hackers and others acting outside the law. Also, from time to time, access may be unavailable due to software issues, server downtime, increased internet traffic or downtime, programming errors, regular maintenance of the system, and other related reasons. In response to any unavailability to subscribers, RapidWeaver Classroom will take all commercially reasonable steps to ensure access is restored within a reasonable period of time. The term “commercially reasonable,” as used in these Terms, shall mean reasonable efforts taken in good faith without an unduly or burdensome use or expenditure of time, resources, personnel or money.

Prohibited Conduct

User expressly agrees to refrain from doing, either personally or through an agent, any of the following “Prohibited Conduct”:

1. Transmit, install, upload or otherwise transfer any virus, advertisement, communication, or other item or process to the Site that in any way affects the use, enjoyment or service of the Site, or adversely affects RapidWeaver Classroom's computers, servers or databases.
2. Engage in any action that RapidWeaver Classroom determines is detrimental to others‘ use and enjoyment of the Site.
3. Capture, download, save, upload, or otherwise retain information and content available on the site other than what is expressly allowed by these Terms.
4. Permit or provide others access using Your username or password or otherwise.
5. Copy, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, redistribute, republish, alter, or adapt any of the software, information, text, graphics, source code or HTML code, or other content available on the site.
6. Remove or modify any copyright, trademark, legal notices, or other proprietary notations from the content available on the site.
7. Transfer the Site content to another person; “frame,” “mirror,” “in-line link,” or employ similar navigational technology to the site content; or “deep link” to the site content.
8. Violate or attempt to violate RapidWeaver Classroom's security mechanisms, access any data or server You are not authorized to access; or otherwise breach the security of the site or corrupt the site in any way.
9. Engage in any other conduct which violates the Copyright Act or other laws of the United States.
10. Use any device or other means to harvest information about other Users.
11. Use the site to violate a third party‘s intellectual property, personality, publicity or confidentiality rights.
12. Misrepresent Your identity or personal information when accessing the site.

In order to ensure that users of the site do not engage in Prohibited Conduct, RapidWeaver Classroom reserves the right to monitor use of the site and reserves the right to revoke or deny access to any person or entity whose use of the website suggests Prohibited Conduct. Access of the materials available beyond that of normal patterns of use that suggests systematic copying of the materials constitutes abuse and will result in revocation or denial of access. The terms “normal patterns” and “abuse” shall be determined solely by RapidWeaver Classroom.

Copyrights and Trademarks and other Proprietary Rights

RapidWeaver Classroom shall retain all worldwide rights in the intellectual property of this site. You should assume that everything You read or see on the Site is copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected and owned or licensed by RapidWeaver Classroom. Except as expressly stated on the site or in these Terms, nothing that You read or see on the site may be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed, transmitted, republished, displayed or performed for commercial use without the prior written consent of RapidWeaver Classroom, except as provided in these Terms.

RapidWeaver Classroom does not own the RapidWeaver name or develop the RapidWeaver application, its themes or plugins, 3rd-party or otherwise. All software rights are reserved by their respective copyright holders. RapidWeaver Classroom is not responsible for Your use of these software applications.


Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the site. RapidWeaver Classroom will investigate occurrences of possible violations and will cooperate with all applicable law enforcement authorities in prosecuting violators. Users are required to enter a username and password to access the protected video tutorials. In order to protect against unauthorized access to Your account, it is recommended that You close the browser when You have finished using the site. If You use the site, You do so at Your own risk. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of Your login and password.

Termination of Agreement

In addition to RapidWeaver Classroom's other rights, it may terminate this Agreement at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion. RapidWeaver Classroom may also terminate access to the protected area or cancel subscriptions without notice if it believes, in its sole judgment, that You have breached or may breach any term or condition of this Agreement, or engaged in conduct that RapidWeaver Classroom deems inappropriate, for its convenience or for any other reason.

In the event of termination of this Agreement, the provisions in this document shall survive. Your obligations to pay outstanding subscription fees shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

By purchasing a RapidWeaver Classroom Foundry 3 Starter Kit, you agree to the following:

1. You understand that the product requires ownership and use the following:
— RapidWeaver 8 or RapidWeaver Classic from Realmac Software
— the Stacks 5 plug-in from YourHead Software
— the Foundry 3 add-on for RapidWeaver from Elixir Graphics
— a Mac computer that is compatible with the above software

2. You understand that the products listed above are not included with your purchase of a Starter Kit. Your purchase will provide you with a zipped file containing a RapidWeaver 8 project file, a RapidWeaver Classic project file, and a README text file.

3. You understand that technical support for RapidWeaver, Stacks and Foundry are not included with your purchase. You will need to contact support from Realmac Software, YourHead Software or Elixir Graphics for assistance with these products.

4. You understand that technical support for modifying the Starter Kit is not included with your purchase. Tutorials for the Starter Kit are included to provide guidance, but free support is not provided by RapidWeaver Classroom to assist with making changes to the website design provided in the project. Support may be requested and offered on a paid basis at an agreed hourly rate.

5. You understand that technical support will be provided for free by RapidWeaver Classroom if there is a problem or error with the Starter Kit that is not related to a problem or error with RapidWeaver, Stacks or Foundry.

6. You understand that this is a downloadable product and as such all sales are final and non-refundable once the download link has been provided to you.

Thank you for understanding these terms, and for your support of RapidWeaver Classroom with your purchase.

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