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About RapidWeaver Classroom

Ryan Smith

RapidWeaver Instructor

Built first website in 1998

Began using RW in 2005

Founded RW Classroom in 2008

Developed two 800+ page websites

Husband and father of four

Enjoys family, music, film and sports

Plays the piano, guitar and percussion

My name is Ryan and I have been working with RapidWeaver since late 2005. After 2 years with RapidWeaver, I began offering one-on-one training with RapidWeaver users, and then in the Spring of 2008 I began RapidWeaver Classroom as a means of reaching more RapidWeaver users.

I am fully committed to RapidWeaver as my exclusive web design tool, and I truly believe it offers the best combination of quality, affordability, usability, flexibility, support and commitment from developers and its incredible community of users. I have developed dozens of websites and assisted on hundreds more -- all using RapidWeaver, and it is undoubtedly a professional website-creation application.

Why RapidWeaver?

I believe strongly in RapidWeaver because it is an application that is accessible to people of all ages and levels of technical experience. I started with RapidWeaver as a very novice website developer, and not only did RapidWeaver make it easy for me to accomplish my goals, but it actually made me want to learn more about the world of website design.

The value RapidWeaver provides is unparalleled. Take a small business owner, for example, who could easily spend $3000 on a basic, outsourced website. After the website is completed and published online, the business owner continues to update the content at a rate of $100+ per hour. This was the exact dilemma I personally faced when I began looking to start my own small business. As a small business owner, RapidWeaver provides you with the ability to create and maintain your own website. The cost is very minimal in comparison to the example above, and there is great satisfaction in creating a website yourself.

I'm passionate about web design…

and the way that RapidWeaver fits the needs of people who need a website, or for those who want to offer website design as a service to others. My goal for RapidWeaver Classroom is to fully equip RapidWeaver users with the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals and use RapidWeaver to its fullest potential. I hope you become as passionate about RapidWeaver as I am, and that the training provided here will help you accomplish things you never imagined possible!

More than a "Rapid Weaver"

There is life outside of the RapidWeaver world! When I'm not glued to my Mac, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a husband and a father of four. I love sports, movies and music; pizza, Frosted Flakes cereal and Dr. Pepper. The strangest thing about me is that I don't like chocolate … at all. Does it get stranger than that?

Thank you.

I love to teach and work with RapidWeaver users to achieve their goals. I am grateful for the many years of support so many of you have shown. Below are testimonials submitted by many of these current and past RapidWeaver Classroom supporters.

RapidWeaver Classroom Student Testimonials

The following reviews have been submitted by past and current RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers. It would be easy to make-up fake testimonials to try and impress you, but not only would that be dishonest, it would be hard to invent comments as good as these!

I have used RapidWeaver Classroom for two years and all I can say it is a life saver. For a number of years I bounced from web creation software package to package always falling short of really being able to create the site I truly wanted. I found Rapid Weaver, then I found the Rapid Weaver Classroom and Ryan and finally I have a program and an advisor who have helped me make a really great site (at least in my opinion).
John Dentico
Rapidweaver Classroom has saved me hours trying to find out answers on why something is not working right. This, to me, is what makes this a great deal.
RapidWeaver Classroom provides an outstanding learning environment that helps to maximize and clarify the power of RapidWeaver. It saves me countless hours and gives me the confidence that I'm working efficiently with the software.
Ann Monteith
RapidWeaver Classroom is a complete solution to getting yourself to the point where you can do websites with RapidWeaver. I went from a place where I could do nothing with the web at all, to a place where I was actually charging other people to build websites for them within just a few months! The video training modules are thorough and well done. I refer back to RapidWeaver Classroom whenever I get stuck on a web project, and the answer has always been there. I don't know how many videos are in the site, but I always seem to find the answer I'm lookign for. I can't say enough good about this site.
Mark Kennedy
I have been using Rapidweaver classroom for a while now, probably a couple years. It is my GoTo resource for all things RW. The tutorials are clear concise and complete. I have been able to get over many development hurdles using the RW Classroom videos. Would strongly recommend them for all RW users but especially new users. There is a wealth of information there and it is always growing. It's a great value and I wouldn't be without it!
Jeff Bishop
RapidWeaver Classroom is the missing link in using RapidWeaver. Ryan lays out the strategy of creating websites in an easy to understand way. I repeat, he makes it super easy to create outstanding websites. He shows you how to do it yourself and get what you want. Thanks Ryan!
Mark Alyn
Your service is AMAZING. I feel without your tutorials I would've missed about 90% of RW's (and the plug-ins') capabilities. My only regret is I wasted two days researching if I actually needed to attend your classroom. Not only do I concur these are the best video tutorials I have ever seen (no matter what the topic), I never feel stupid, nor bored and have also appreciated a curriculum to give me the discipline to systematically work through so much information. Thank you so much!
Adam F.
The best training videos I've used on the web, including those from Adobe (Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign) and Apple (various).
Bill C.
RapidWeaver Classroom is extremely helpful. I wasn't sure whether I was going to continue using RapidWeaver to develop my website, but after using RapidWeaver Classroom, I have definitely learned to utilize RapidWeaver much more effectively.
Kevin Purdy
I found Rapidweaver Classroom really well organized and thorough, but also done in palatable chunks that are absorbable in one shot. I've learned more from Rapidweaver Classroom than any other readings or web videos about Rapidweaver. I started about 1 1/2 months ago as pretty much a Rapidweaver virgin and built my own websites, by a bit of trial and error and help from Rapidweaver Classroom. I continue to learn the subtle things and continue to tweak my sites, but I'm very pleased. RW and RWCR helped me gain a sense of independence and ownership of my websites.
Nick R.
I've signed up... The peace of mind alone is worth the price... If you're new or relatively new as I am, I can vouch for Ryan's ability to deliver a clear, concise and knowledgeable message... YOU and the RapidWeaver Tutorials System are helping me more than you can possibly imagine.
Michael Remillard
I have had this software since its first year release and (with RapidWeaver Classroom) I have gotten more accomplished in a few days than in all this time that I have had it!
Jason P.
It is the best Classroom I ever found on the internet. It is very human, no useless talking, I think that without this classroom I would have stopped using Rapidweaver.
Jack F.
You are far more skilled in presenting a comprehensive and educational screencast than most I have seen. I prefer watching yours to all others--that's why I keep my subscription to your site month after month.
Aaron C.
I would never have imagined realizing my life's dream of creating my company's magnificent websites following a video system so complete, intuitive and pleasant to learn. Every one of my days is now much anticipated, as I pursue new and challenging ways to express myself. Your superb training modules have truly made this so, and I am writing to let you know.
Augusto Marini
With no budget for a website for my company, I decided to develop one myself. Building it was the easier part, writing content was much harder. I doubt that I could have produced anything so nice without my Mac, Rapidweaver, and Ryan's tutorials.
Omar C.
I was able to put a website together and publish it within a week of buying RapidWeaver and going through the RapidWeaver tutorials. Amazing! Thanks so much.
Veronica I.
I've known for a long, long time that I should have a website, but I kept putting it off for various reasons. Mostly because I found the thought of learning how to use Dreamweaver, or writing HTML code, daunting. Just as I decided to bite the bullet and learn how to make a site, I discovered a much softer bullet: Rapidweaver. Even Rapidweaver, though, has a learning curve. That curve can be especially steep for someone who doesn't even understand the basic concepts. Then I discovered a way to make the bullet softer still, even palatable to one who was choking on learning by themselves. That way was Rapidweaver Classroom. Your courses took me from knowing nothing to knowing how to put together an entire site, and made it fun, too.
Bob D.
The training videos are excellent! In just 3 days with no experience I was able to create a website. This product is wonderful, keep up the good work!
Bert G.
This has been a great learning tool for me. The price nailed it for me. You offer very well presented information in manageable chunks. I think you have a great service here. Overall it is a very solid video classroom. Well done. Thanks so much for offering this.
Roger F.
I enjoy the videos. You are very well-spoken and easy to understand. You also explain things very well, and I love the fact that when you mess up, which is very occasionally, you talk the time to walk through your mistake and tell us what went wrong.
Ricarda P.
Great! I've learned a lot. Your pace is good, voice excellent and the time for each video is 'doable' -- not too long, not too short.
Arthur W.
Thank you for all the amazing tutorials, couldn't have done it without you!
Sam F.
1 week ago I could barely use RW in any meaningful way. I watched your tutorials and in 2 days I was able to put my website together!
David Guest
RapidWeaver Classroom is very good. Like most people, I've seen screencasts produced by others on various topics, having said that, I think Rapidweaver Classroom screencasts are VERY GOOD. I like your style of explaining everything in your clean, concise and logical manner which for me is great. Thank You!
Alicia S.
I learned just about all I know from being here. Thanks!
David R.
I can see already this was a good investment. I purchased RapidWeaver 2-3 years ago when it was fairly new on the scene, and all this time I've never figured out how to use it. I stumbled on your videos and I FINALLY feel hopeful that I'll actually be able to create a website.
Sue W.
What a relief to discover RapidWeaver, after being disappointed with iWeb and WordPress. I would not have gone this route without someone to point the way and hold my virtual hand. RapidWeaver Classroom and Ryan Smith did just that. The tutorials contain easy-to-follow, clear information presented in a relaxed manner. Totally reduced my stress over the project. I needed a little extra help selecting and adjusting the theme, so hired Ryan for a few hours of one-on-one training for that. He was prepared, professional and caring, and didn't make me feel stupid! I highly recommend RapidWeaver Classroom and Ryan Smith.
Jill Wachholz
I have really enjoyed these tutorials, and am currently on a six month plan as I often need to refer back, depending on the project in hand. I will probably renew at the end of that as this site is such a great resource. I have build 5 websites now and am constantly looking for ways to improve them. Ryan's precise step by step tutorials are brilliant.
Scott L.
Without prior knowledge in building websites, I was able to develop this fantastic looking membership site using Rapidweaver Classroom as main driver. It includes some powerfull plugins (Tabloom, Accordion, Blocks, etc) as discussed in Ryan's classroom. Ryan's teaching is very professional, most likely one of the best to be found on the net, and everything worked as per his instructions! The great feedback i have received so far only confirms my choice! I can only highly recommend to become and stay a member of the RW classroom!
Xavier Alexander
Thanks for your help. Your great tutorials are my constant companion while building sites with RapidWeaver.
Charlie Sutton
I personally feel like this website is truly needed as a reference when I am building a website. Your videos are easy and well structured. This is coming from a teacher. Grade of A+!
Cindy Franklin
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