Foundy 3 RapidWeaver Projects

With the release of the fantastic Foundry 3 framework from Elixir, RapidWeaver Classroom is now offering pre-built RapidWeaver project files based on Foundry 3. Also known as Starter Kits, these project files are complete websites developed with Foundry 3 and Stacks. Starter Kits ...

Foundry 3 Tutorials

Foundry 3 from Elixir has just been released and it is an absolutely massive update, and in my opinion the most exciting release for RapidWeaver since Stacks itself was introduced.

I've had the pleasure of beta testing Foundry 3 over the past several months, so my thoughts on it are not a knee-jerk ...

Website Security

This final tutorial update of 2021 brings tutorials to the new Security category of the Best in Class tutorials. The focus of the Security category is to keep your website and data secure, and to protect content as necessary.

The first two tutorials in this category cover the ...

RapidWeaver Call-to-action

Two new tutorials have been added to the Best in Class: Call-to-action section of RapidWeaver Classroom. A call-to-action (or CTA) is a crucial element of your website, that encourages visitors to take some action, such as making a purchase or signing-up for your mailing list. The Flat Button Stack (Elixir) and Call to Action Stack (Weaver's Space) ...

FormSnap 3

The first entry into the new "Best in Class" section of tutorials is FormSnap 3 from Yabdab. FormSnap 3 is a Stacks-based form builder that is extremely flexible and secure. I've personally implemented this solution for my websites and it has completely eliminated ...

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