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Foundry 3 Released — Tutorials Added


Foundry 3 from Elixir has just been released and it is an absolutely massive update, and in my opinion the most exciting release for RapidWeaver since Stacks itself was introduced.

I've had the pleasure of beta testing Foundry 3 over the past several months, so my thoughts on it are not a knee-jerk reaction. I've actually built 3 websites with it already, and I absolutely love what Elixir has provided the RapidWeaver community with this release.

There is so much to share about what makes Foundry 3 my favorite design framework for RapidWeaver. Here is a quick list for now, and I will elaborate more in separate articles to come.

  • Control over layout at 6 different breakpoints (device widths)
  • Extremely flexible column layout adjustments
  • A Toolbox stack for quick access to frequently used tools
  • Beautifully-designed and functional layout and animation tools
  • The fastest page-load and publishing times I've ever experienced

That's just a taste of what Foundry 3 has to offer. You can learn more about it by visiting Elixir's site, or by viewing the new Foundry 3 tutorials available here at RapidWeaver Classroom. I look forward to sharing more thoughts on Foundry 3, and additional tutorials that go in-depth into a number of features.

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