New WeaverPix 3 Series of Tutorials

WeaverPix 3 Slideshow Plugin RapidWeaver
New tutorials covering the WeaverPix 3 plugin have been added to RapidWeaver Classroom. This is an outstanding solution for image slideshows or photo galleries on your website. It is extremely powerful and flexible, and you’ll simply have to see these tutorials to get an understanding of all that it can accomplish.

The first two of a whole series of tutorials on WeaverPix 3 have been posted to the Classroom curriculum. WeaverPix can do so much that I will be producing more tutorials over the next couple of weeks in order to cover all of its features.

If you are looking for a solution for displaying images or photos on your website, then I would highly recommend giving WeaverPix 3 a serious look. While so much focus has been on building pages with the Stacks 2 plugin, this is a case where a dedicated plugin can be very beneficial. WeaverPix 3 is very impressive, and I look forward to completing this entire series of tutorials so that you can see how powerful it is. So with that being said, check back late next week for more tutorials in this series.

Thanks for your support!

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