Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

5 More StackManiac Tutorials Now Available


Following-up on last week’s introduction of StackManiac to the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum, I have posted 5 more tutorials: InstaViewr, OldBrowsr, RefinedSlidr, RefinedSlidr Warehouse and Socializr.

InstaViewr: Share your Instagram photos on your website OldBrowsr: Redirect visitors using older versions of Internet Explorer Refined Slidr: Stylish image slider Refined Slidr Warehouse: Stylish image slider that uses warehoused images Socializr: Let your visitors share your site to social networks

Tagging Stack Element Tutorials

I have begun “tagging” tutorials in the Stack Elements section. This means that you will find a brief description of a stack’s function alongside the name of the stack. Many stacks are named in such a way that their function isn’t obvious, so these tags should be helpful as you browse the tutorials and decide which ones to view. These tags will be found on the individual tutorial pages for each developer. At the moment, all of the StackManiac tutorials are tagged, and I will be adding tags to the others developer pages soon.

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