Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

5 New Stacks 2.5 Tutorials Now Available


5 more videos in the new Stacks 2.5 Plugin series are now available.

Last week I introduced the first 9 tutorials in a new series covering the Stacks 2.5 plugin, and this week I have added 5 more videos for a grand total of 14 videos at just over 2 hours of runtime. The complete Stacks 2.5 series includes the following tutorials, with the latest 5 included at the end of the list in bold.

Introduction to Stacks 2.5 Stacks Interface Stack Elements 3rd-Party Stacks Text and Image Editing Using the Stack Inspector Layout > Margin and Padding Layout > Fill Mode Global Content Building Complex Layouts Stacks and ExtraContent Stacks and PlusKit @import Stacks and Responsive Design Updating Stack Elements

Once again, this new Stacks 2.5 series replaces the original Stacks 2 training that was previously available. This series goes into more detail than ever before, so even experienced Stacks users might find new information in this training. These 14 tutorials complete the Stacks 2.5 series for the time being, but I will be considering more material in the future, and am certainly open to your suggestions.

Next week's update will include a variety of topics that include new Stack Elements tutorials and a tutorial that covers different ways to customize banners and header slideshows in 3rd-party RapidWeaver themes. Check back next week for this update!

Thanks for your support!

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