Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

9 Tutorials in New Stacks 2.5 Series Released


The first 9 videos in a new series covering the Stacks 2.5 plugin are now available!

I am replacing the original Stacks 2 series of tutorials with brand new videos that cover every detail of Stacks 2.5. This first phase of new tutorials includes 9 videos that total just over 90 minutes of training. This is the most detailed Stacks plugin training you can get, and in these tutorials I share from my knowledge and experience of working with Stacks for years. Even if you are an experienced Stacks user yourself, there still may be some new things you can learn from these tutorials.

Here are the topics for this first phase of Stacks 2.5 tutorials:

Introduction to Stacks 2.5 Stacks Interface Stack Elements 3rd-Party Stacks Text and Image Editing Using the Stack Inspector Layout > Margin and Padding Layout > Fill Mode Global Content

There is still plenty more to come next week as I complete this new series of Stacks training. Just a few of the additional topics I will be covering include building complex layouts, using ExtraContent, importing into Stacks pages with PlusKit's @import feature, and a variety of tips and shortcuts that can prove very useful.

Check back later next week as I release the second phase of Stacks 2.5 training.

Thanks for your support!

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