Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Freestack Theme Tutorials Now Available


I am very excited to announce the release of a 2-hour, 11-part series of tutorials on the Freestack Theme from Blueball Design.

The Freestack Theme is a theme that is specially designed to allow you to create the entire layout of a website with the Stacks 2 plugin. It is essentially a blank theme, providing you with complete control of every element of your website. You control the placement, style and content of every element of your website, and it is all accomplished using the highly flexible Stacks 2 plugin.

This series of tutorials takes an in-depth look at all of the Freestack theme styles and included stacks, and walks through the creation of a website layout using the theme. Specific functionality such as menus, headers, blogging, contact forms and e-commerce solutions are covered as well.

There are still more Freestack tutorials to come, including tutorials on the available Freestack add-on packs. Look for more information on these updates in October.

Finally, Blueball Design is also offering a 35% discount on the Freestack bundle. This discount is good for 3 days, expiring at midnight on Sunday, September 30th. Discount code: freestackrwclasstutssale

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