RapidWeaver Classroom 2021 Update

Massive RapidWeaver Classroom Update


It's been over a year since my last update and a lot has changed in our world since that time. I hope that this finds each of you doing well, healthy and optimistic about what the future holds.

Many of you have been waiting patiently for this update. Simply put, the changes in our world these past 18 months caused me to pivot in order to focus on the things that would best provide for my family during the time of uncertainty. I have greatly missed the work involved with planning and developing new training for RapidWeaver Classroom, and thankfully I've been able to resume that over the past several months.

So what's new? Almost everything. Really!

New website design

New membership site and experience

New subscription system

TONS of new tutorials

New newsletter updates

New Website Design

RapidWeaver Classroom has been completely rebuilt with the Foundry and Alloy frameworks for RapidWeaver. It has been an absolute joy to work this these fantastic products from Elixir.

New Membership Site and Experience

The membership site accessible to subscribers has also been fully redesigned with Foundry. I am thrilled with the experience of navigating and viewing the library of tutorials, and it is without question the best RapidWeaver Classroom has ever offered.

Subscription with CartLoom

I have transitioned away from the aMember membership platform that has been in use since RapidWeaver Classroom debuted in the 2008, to CartLoom and its Subscriptions feature. This will result in simplified management for me, and a better experience for you.

What does this mean for you? If you are currently an active member then you will continue to sign-in through aMember and access the new training library that way. No immediate action is needed and you can be switched over to CartLoom in the future. If you have subscribed in the past and want to join again, you will simply register a new account through CartLoom.

New Tutorials and Training Series

This is the big news you care about the most! The RapidWeaver Classroom training library has been updated with a lot of new tutorials:

RapidWeaver 8 Crash Course and Complete Series

The RapidWeaver 8 Crash Course is a 15-part series with the goal of getting you up-to-speed on website development with RapidWeaver as quickly as possible. For those who want to learn about every detail of RapidWeaver, the Complete Series offers 60 tutorials spanning 8 lesson topics.

Stacks 4

The Stacks 4 series features 13 tutorials and is the most comprehensive Stacks training RapidWeaver Classroom has offered.

Foundation 6

The enormously popular Foundation 6 framework for RapidWeaver gets a training series that is underway and currently offers 10 tutorials that detail the Site Styles and Swatches features that make this product so unique. In addition, there are tutorials for the Layout and Text Content stacks, and other Foundation 6 stacks tutorials will be added to this series throughout October and November.

Foundry v2 and Alloy

Tutorials from Foundry and Alloy from Elixir are included in this update, with a whopping 80+ tutorials that cover every stack from these tools, including the Potion Pack and Thunder Pack add-on stacks. This series is unique to RapidWeaver Classroom in that many of the tutorials are from Elixir, with tutorials I've produced interwoven throughout to complement the excellent training that Elixir provides.


An all-new 8-part series on SEO has been added, detailing the steps that are critical to working towards high placement in organic search. The strategies demonstrated in these tutorials are the same ones that I've been using the past several years to achieve Page 1 results for the website projects I've completed for clients.

Best in Class Series Coming in October

For the first time, RapidWeaver Classroom will provide training that covers a curated list of what I consider to be the best add-ons for RapidWeaver. These add-ons will span every imaginable category of functionality, such as e-commerce, blogging, content switchers, forms, photo galleries, etc. Most of the add-ons will be specific to RapidWeaver, while others will be 3rd-party solutions that will work with any website development platform. I am very excited to share these recommendations with you and provide training for each of them. These tutorials will be released steadily throughout the month of October.

Newsletter Updates

Finally, I have moved to MailChimp for delivering information on updates directly to your inbox. RapidWeaver Classroom had used Google's Feedburner to send email updates for years, but Google deprecated Feedburner in July of this year. If you want to receive email updates then please subscribe through the form on this page.

Thank You

I can't find the words to communicate how much I appreciate the support so many of you have shown over the years. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to continue with RapidWeaver Classroom, and thank you again for your patience in waiting for this update to be announced. I am so excited to share this news with you, and with the hardest work complete, to continue providing much more content over the next weeks. You will hear from me again very soon!

Thanks for your support!


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