New DateSnap Stack Tutorial Now Available


Overview of New Updates A new tutorial on the DateSnap Stacks has been added to the Classroom curriculum this week.

Instructions for Classroom Subscribers Login here to access your account, then navigate to the Classroom curriculum and click on the Latest Updates button for direct links to these new tutorials. I am working to improve the experience of finding and viewing new content as updates are posted, so for the time being please go through the Latest Updates button in the members' area of the Classroom curriculum.

Details of New Updates DateSnap is a calendar solution developed by Yabdab, who also offer the DateLoom plugin. DateSnap improves on DateLoom through its integration with the Stacks 2 plugin. The DateSnap stacks allow you to manually create events for your website's calendar, or you can easily import a Google or iCloud calendar. DateSnap offers a lot of great features and customization options, and it looks and functions great. If you have the need for a calendar on your website then I would highly recommend you consider DateSnap.

In Case You Missed It (Recent Updates) A series of 14 new tutorials covering the Stacks 2.5 plugin were released in the first half of March. I highly recommend these new tutorials for every RapidWeaver user! Click here to learn more about these Stacks 2.5 tutorials.

Two weeks ago I released two tutorials: one covering the customization of banners or slideshows in the header of 3rd-party RapidWeaver themes, and the other discussing a method of embedding responsive YouTube videos. Click here to learn more about these two recent tutorials.

Last week I released tutorials covering the PaySnap Stacks from Yabdab and the Content Fader Stack from DK Stacks. Click here to learn more about these two recent tutorials.

Coming Soon (Future Updates) We had some violent Spring storms this week that limited my ability to record, on account of noise, but next week is looking more favorable and I have a lot of new topics ready to share! There are some more exciting Stack Elements tutorials, new topics for the SEO section, a multi-part series on the RapidSearch Pro plugin, and there is some new content coming soon to the Grad School curriculum as well.

Thanks for your support!

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