Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

New RapidCart Pro Stacks Tutorial + RapidWeaver 7 News!


RapidCart Pro received an update to v4.7 last week, and with the update came a new RapidCart Pro stack that had been anticipated for several weeks. Now that it is available, I have updated the RapidCart Pro tutorial series with a new tutorial on using the plugin and its stacks to create an online store in Stacks pages. There are a total of 4 RapidCart Pro stacks — 3 of these (Cart, Product and Grid) can be used to add products and other shopping cart features to Stacks pages, and then the Store Stack can be used to embed an entire RapidCart Pro store into a Stacks page. The Store Stack is the newest addition with v4.7, and it is intended for use with Stacks-based themes such as Foundation that require ALL pages to be built with Stacks. With that, RapidCart Pro is now compatible with any Stacks-based system, offering the best of both worlds when it comes to working with both Stacks and a dedicated plugin. This new tutorial — "RapidCart Pro and Stacks" — will guide you through all of the details.

Watch the new RapidCart Pro tutorial

Major RapidWeaver 7 News If you have been keeping up with Realmac's announcements then you are likely aware that they have been working hard on RapidWeaver 7. Last week they publicly announced a tentative release date for the next major version of RapidWeaver — Tuesday, May 24th. Yes, that is next week! So that sheds some light on what I've been up to since I published the RapidCart Pro series of tutorials back in April. RapidWeaver 7 has some fantastic new features and updates, and I look forward to sharing all the information with you in new RapidWeaver 7 tutorials that will be made available as soon as RapidWeaver 7 launches.

Once those RapidWeaver 7 tutorials are released, there will be much more to come as I move forward with production of a ton of new material using RapidWeaver 7. As always, thanks for your support and keep an eye out for a big announcement soon!

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