Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

New Responsive Layout Tutorials Added


Today’s update includes 3 new tutorials covering responsive layout stacks: Responsive Layout Stacks, Fluid Image Stack and Floaty Stack. All of these tutorials can be found in the newly added Responsive Layout category of the Add-Ons section. The Responsive Layout Stacks and Floaty Stack can also be found in the Content Layout category, and the Fluid Image Stack can also be found under the Photos category.

Each of these stacks is very helpful when you are developing a website using a responsive theme. In fact, I highly recommend all 3 of these stacks for anyone developing a responsive website.

The Responsive Layout Stacks allow you to create responsive columns, and includes a 2, 3, 4, and 5-column stack, as well as a Show/Hide Stack that is very cool.

The Floaty Stack is a responsive version of the built-in Float stack, and allows you to make floating content responsive.

Finally, the Fluid Image Stack is a must-have for creating responsive images and photos on your website.

In other news, the Grad School curriculum was updated last week, receiving the same responsive redesign as the Classroom members’ area. Production of new tutorials is now back in full-swing, so you can expect to see weekly updates posted in most cases. Check back next week for another update on new tutorials!

Thanks for your support!

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