Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

New Stack and How to… Tutorials


I’ve updated the Classroom curriculum today with two more tutorials. One tutorial is for the Rotatr Stack, the latest stack from StackManiac. The Rotatr Stack rotates through any type of Stacks content, so it is very flexible in allowing you to present a lot of different kinds of content in a single content space on your web page.

The second tutorial has been added to the How to… lesson of the Continuing Ed section, and it is about creating a placeholder menu item in your website menu. With thanks to Joe Workman for creating an easy-to-use snippet, you can prevent a menu item from linking to its own page. This is great when you want website visitors to skip a top-level page to go directly to a sub-page. The most common use for this is when you are working with a theme that has drop-down menus. The required snippet is provided as a download on the How to… lesson page.

Check back next week for more tutorials on Yabdab stacks, and I will also begin to release a series of tutorials on the excellent weaverPix plugin.

Thanks for your support!

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