Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

New StackManiac Stacks Tutorials Are Here


In a return to Stack Elements tutorials, I am pleased to add a new developer to the RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum. StackManiac has been producing some outstanding Stack Elements for the Stacks plugin, and I have begun adding tutorials on these stacks to the curriculum. StackManiac has also joined a growing list of developers who offer discounts to RapidWeaver Classroom subscribers, and a discount code for 20% off is now available in the members’ area.

The new StackManiac section of tutorials launches with three stacks: AudioDeckr, FancyViewr and GrayScale. AudioDeckr provides a sleek, stylish audio player that supports HTML5 and responsive layout. FancyViewr is one of my favorite image lightbox stacks, and GrayScale creates a nice hover effect for static images.

I have already recorded tutorials for five more StackManiac stacks, and I will have those edited and published to the website next week, so check back soon for more!

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