Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Stacks 3 is Here and It Is Amazing!


The highly-anticipated Stacks 3 plugin was released last week and I am excited to deliver new tutorials to cover new features of this amazing plugin. I can’t adequately express how significant of an update this is, and I think you will see what I mean when you go through the tutorials and learn about all that Stacks 3 has to offer.

First, a quick run-down of some of the major new features:

Partials A new way to build your pages from modular, editable, reusable components that you build yourself.

Super Fast, Super Customizable Library A brand new library redesigned from the ground up to be blazing fast with configuration options to help you adjust your workflow just the way you like.

New Sidebar Interface Both the Stacks Library and the Info Pane can be used as Windows, Popovers, or Sidebars. Plus hide/show them quickly with simple keyboard shortcuts. Now Stacks works great on all screen sizes!

New Responsive Content The built in column stacks are now responsive and support stacked layout options, per-platform hiding. All images now support responsive resizing and automatically export retina resolutions when the source image is large enough.

I’ve put together a video that provides an overview of the new features and will include that in this blog post below. I’ve also released the first 4 of a series of in-depth tutorials covering these features of Stacks 3, and those are available now in the membership area of RapidWeaver Classroom.

I hope you are excited about the possibilities that Stacks 3 brings. I am continuing to build-out a complete series for Stacks 3 that covers every detail you need to know. The complete series will be 15-18 videos total, so there is plenty more on the way over the next 1-2 weeks. I will update the blog here again as those are released. I also have a lot of new material planned following the Stacks 3 tutorials: a Responsive Design series, PayLoom 3, RapidCart 4, Foundation updates… the list goes on! I look forward to bringing a lot of new training through the rest of 2015!

P.S. Thank you to all of you who reached out to me by email or through the blog comments in response to my last update at the end of June. The outpouring of support was overwhelming and greatly appreciated, and I am sorry for not replying back to each of you individually. I am very happy to be back to producing new training for you all!

Thanks for your support!

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