Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Start of New Series Covering the PrivateEyes Stack


I have been spending a lot of time with the PrivateEyes Stack from seyDesign, and am glad to finally present the first tutorial for this amazing stack. PrivateEyes is very unique in its ability to hide and password-protect content on your website. Prior to the release of PrivateEyes, you needed to use the Lockdown Plugin if you wanted to protect content or web pages with a password. Of course having this functionality in a stack is tremendous when most of us build our websites using the Stacks 2 plugin, so PrivateEyes is a great alternative for a Stacks user who needs this kind of functionality.

Now I am typically able to cover the functionality of a stack in a single tutorial, but PrivateEyes is a bit more complex and does a number of different things, so I thought it would be best to cover this particular stack with multiple tutorials. I have released Part 1 this week, which discusses a couple of different methods of password-protecting content on a page, and a run-time of nearly 20 minutes guarantees a lot of detailed instruction on how to use this stack for that purpose. The next tutorials will build on the information presented in Part 1, to show some other ways that the stack can be used -- those tutorials will be released late next week.

Thanks for your support!

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