Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Three More Stacks Tutorials Posted


Last Friday I posted an update that brings three more Stack Elements tutorials to RapidWeaver Classroom. I have released tutorials for the FormSnap Suite from Yabdab, and the Masonry and SuperBox stacks from seyDesign.

The new FormSnap Suite tutorial covers what might be the most flexible contact form solution for RapidWeaver. The FormSnap Suite is a collection of stack elements that allows you to build a very flexible contact form on a Stacks page. Since the form is built with the Stacks plugin, you have all the layout flexibility that Stacks offers. If you are familiar with Yabdab’s FormLoom plugin, then you might consider this a Stacks-based version of that form.

The other two stack element tutorials cover Masonry and SuperBox, both from seyDesign. Both of these stacks produce fantastic image galleries, with thumbnails and full-size images displayed in a lightbox. Masonry produces a layout of thumbnails similar to Pinterest, and presents the full-size image in a lightbox window overlay. SuperBox takes a different approach and generates square thumbnails in a tight grid, and then produces the full-size image in a very unique manner. You’ll have to watch the video to see how unique of a stack it is.

Production of weaverPix plugin tutorials is already underway and those will be published later this week, so check back here for more information.

Thanks for your support!

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