Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Three New Stacks Tutorials Added


This week’s update includes three new Stack Element tutorials: the Post Office and Locker stacks from Joe Workman, and the Playr Stack from Stack Maniac.

The Post Office Stack is a very impressive stack that creates a sign-up form on your website. The sign-up form is used to collect information from your website visitors -- mainly name and email address, though it also includes a couple of customizable fields. This information can be stored in a database on your server, or Post Office can connect with 3rd-party email newsletters services, such as MadMimi and MailChimp. Post Office is highly customizable and also includes a stack called PO Box, which can be used to present content after a visitor submits their information through the Post Office form. So for example, if you are wanting to provide a free download after someone submits their email address, then the combination of Post Office and PO Box can do it. This tutorial can be found in the Forms category of the Add-Ons section.

The Locker Stack is a great utility stack that lets you keep stacks content on a Stacks page without it being displayed in Preview mode or published. This can be helpful when you are actively developing some portion of the page, but need to publish other changes to that page without publishing everything. It basically hides content from Preview and publishing, and also lets you make notes about the work you are doing. This tutorials can be found in the Utility Stacks category of the Add-Ons section.

Finally, the Playr Stack creates a simple, clean video player for your videos. It is easy to use and very customizable. This tutorial can be found in the Media category of the Add-Ons section.

I hope you that these new tutorials are helpful as you develop your websites with RapidWeaver. Check back next week for an update on more new tutorials!

Thanks for your support!

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