Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Two More Responsive Layout Tutorials Added


This week’s update adds more content to the growing Responsive Layout category of the Add-Ons section. Tutorials for the Fit Text and Responsive Embed stacks are now available there.

Joe Workman’s Fit Text Stack makes headings (or any text with large fonts) responsive, resizing the text at different break points for better presentation on smaller devices. If you are developing a responsive website, then this stack is a must-have for use with your content headings.

The Responsive Embed Stack is a free stack from Pressure Designs, a newer RapidWeaver developer who is featured here at RapidWeaver Classroom for the first time. This stack takes embed code from a third-party, such as YouTube or Google Maps, and makes the embed responsive. It’s easy to use and does a great job of making embedded content responsive.

If you haven’t already noticed, responsive design is a big deal now, and so I will continue to focus on creating training that will make responsive design as easy (and fun) as possible. Check back next week for more new content!

Thanks for your support!

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